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Februrary 15, 2018

Barbershop Chain, Mexican Style
This was much more revealing in person, but there were three daughters and the mom each giving another a haircut, simultaneously. And Dad, he was sweeping up the mess.
Staff photo
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What an exciting time to be in the bay. The fundraisers were hitting on all cylinders. There was a lot of money spent and a lot of money raised for the Cancer de Mama organization and others. The Cancer Walk for Prevention ended up being the biggest event of the whole year. You can read all about the walk further down in this newsletter. What a fabulous time was had by all and you will be amazed to see how many pesos were raised. Thanks Patty for your participation!

We now switch gears a bit and find ourselves heading to our neighbors to the south for their charitable events. Lo de Marcos is showing off its stuff with music and great food and now the TiNTOC Ballet too.

Note:  As a community service, we at Explore Nayarit promote all charity fundraisers for free. So if you have a charity event you want to publicize, send me the particulars and we will help you get the word out.
To find out what else is happening, read through the information below and take a peek at our online calendar, which is also back in operation now.

Photographers and Writers: I sure could use some stories to share with our readers. Some of you sent in stories in the past that never made it to the newsletter, as they got lost in the upgrading process. We hope that you will not be discouraged and will again share with us your experiences here in the bay and beyond. I am sharing one of my recent endeavors later on in this newsletter. I hope you will enjoy reading my short report..

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Featured Articles
Whether it's working with crocodiles, turtles, horses, dogs and cats, or helping with special needs children, the elderly, cancer awareness and detection, fundraising with various pro-community organizations, or attending beach volleyball tournaments, horseshoe pitching contests, motor cycle or Volkswagen rallies, kayaking to Isla Coral, sport fishing, or just relaxing on our beautiful sun drenched beaches, there is always something to do here in Jaltemba Bay to give you memories that will last a lifetime.

Only Two Performances Left. Don't Miss Them!
2018 Festival Artistico y Cultural
This is an annual event showcasing some of the finest performers around. The artists change every week and are indicated below. The performances are located in the main square of Rincon de Guayabitos, attendance is FREE and begins at 7:30 pm. Seating is limited, so come early.

There are 2 Saturday night music festivals still coming. We hope you had a fabulous time at the first 2.

Saturday February 17 - Ballet Mexcalitatan and Mariachi Los Nietos

Saturday February 24 - Groupo Arcano as well as Ignacio "Nachito" Vallarta

Plan on attending all of them. It will be worth your time.

Walking on Sunshine, by Jasmine Hohenstein, is a wonderful read for anyone that has walked or will be walking the beaches of Jaltemba Bay.

Her method of writing will surely entice you to want to read her next submission. Most of us know her for her photography and the fact that she spends a lot of time enjoying the fresh air and ambiances here.

Click here to read this short and entertaining writing.
We have another writer among us here in the bay. 
On March 20th you can enjoy a casual poolside socializer with Gary Wietgrefe at Los Compadres Resort from 4:00 to 6:00pm. No charge to attend. Or plan on attending the signing at El Panorama, details below.
Click here to learn more and read Gary's latest Press Release for upcoming book signings.

This is very important to all visitors with Residente Permanente or Residente Temporal Resident Cards
Obtaining a Mexican resident card is not a simple one day task; rather, it is a multi-step process that begins at a Mexican Consulate in your home country and ends (sometimes months later) when you finally pick up your resident card at an immigration office in Mexico. Continued here
Short Takes...
Oaxaca city has just been recognized as having the slowest rush hour traffic in the world. At just 5.9 km/h, that is some kind of notoriety and is just above the normal walking speed.. During non-rush hours, the average speed is up to a whopping 14.4 km/h.
The Bridge of Life annual Donation Day 2018, held on Thursday February 8, raised over $24,000 pesos from a parade of workers, vendors, tourists, and locals, who passed on foot and bicycle. These generous donations, from 50-centavo coins to 500-peso notes, will pay for maintenance and improvements - replacing boards, repainting the support pillars and handrails, and will go towards the future replacement of the side fencing. Every peso, or fraction of a peso is valued and important. Gracias to all!
2 Earthquakes occurring just off the coast of Jalisco and Colima during this past week prompted preventative evacuations of many schools and public buildings as far away as Guadalajara. There were no injuries and no notable damage reported.
A tonne of marijuana, actually over a tonne, illegally belonging to the mayor of Parras, Coahuila was seized last week by Federal Police. Mayor Evaristo Madero Marcos is currently on the lamb.
Nescafé has plans on opening 150 coffee shops in Mexico in the next 8 years. Their largest competitor is of course Starbucks..
Hotel Occupancy in Puerto Vallarta hit an all time high in 2017 at 75.6% for the entire year. The corresponding international arrivals at the airport was also at a high at just over 3,093,000 people. International arrival stats are interesting---of the total arrivals, 50.78% were from the United States, followed by Canadians at 15.62 % and Europeans at 1.51%.  LA, Dallas and Seattle were the top US origins and Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto were the top from Canada ones. There were 145 cruise ships that called on the city's port in 2017.
The Wixáritari indigenous community of Santiago, Pochotitán, Tepic, have just opened the first community owned Pemex station in Mexico. If you are in the neighborhood, be sure to fill up to support the 1500 individual community owners.
Protesters in San Pancho, marched against the development of two 6 story apartment buildings and one 3 story condominium on beachfront land there. Canadian investors are collaborating with Lemus, a Mexican development company, to proceed with the project.
Mexico City Potholes Are a Growing Problem
Residents of Mexico City are finally getting creative with their pothole problems. Obviously, some levity takes away some of the pain.

Just last week, there was a 2 year birthday party held for one of the long annoying potholes. Creative decorating of them with growing flowers and other attributes is the latest trend. NOTE: the bottom right photo is a real 'pot' hole.
Mexican Olympians Are Some of the Best Dressed at the Games.
Yahoo Sports provided these photos. The competitors all look ready and willing. Those Day of the Dead outfits are really cool.
John & Doreen Berg
The Golden Age Backpackers

Want to congratulate and thank all of those hikers that helped clean and then trekked the trails this year. This photo highlights some of them. 

For more photos and much more information, click here.


Charity* Bingo, every Tuesday (begins November 14) from 2:00 to 4:30 pm - La Peñita Seniors' Center - Dec 26 and Jan 3rd are excluded

Calle Bahia de Guaymas #18 (near CFE)

Come and have some fun, bring your friends and support your

community. Cash prizes and a special "Progressive Blackout Bingo

Jackpot" prize that builds each week until it's won.

All proceeds go to GEMA (See description below)

Grupo Especial de Mujeres Aprendido
“A Special Group for Women to Learn”

This is a project to help abused and abandoned women
They learn life skills such as First Aid, Driving, English, and other activities to help them earn a little money of their own.
This support group talks about their problem situations and shares possible solutions, gaining some self-esteem, independence and respect.
This is the only support for these women in our whole area.

Un Grupo de colaboradores altruistas aportando su conocimiento para que las mujeres aprendan.

GEMA es un projecto para ayudar a las mujeres maltratadas y abandonadas en nuestra comunidad.

Apenden habilidades que les ayudan en la vida diaria, tales como primeros auxilios, a conducir auto, ingles, trabajo en equip y toras muchas actividades que les permitan ganar un poco de dinero.

En este grupo de apoyo, las mujeres habla sobre sus problemas entre si y comparte posibles soluciones.

Reciben orientacion para mejorar su autoestima, respeto y independencia. Tambien tienen acceso a consejeria personal con un psicologo especializado.
5th Annual Taste of Lo De Marcos
Sunday, February 18, 2018 from 3:00 to 8:00 pm at Luis Echeverria #9, Lo de Marcos (just east of the town plaza).

Live music begins at 3:30  and continues until closing.

**NEWS FLASH**  The TiNTOC Ballet will be headlining at the Taste of Lo de Marcos on the 18th.

There will be many ways to sample foods and have meals at the venue.

For further information on this event, please click here.

Save This Date - March 3rd - Dinner Dance and Benefit for La Casa De Los Ninos, Lo de Marcos
Tlaquepaque Restaurant and Bar will host this event on March 3, 2018 for the benefit of La Casa de los Niños. The event starts at 6:00 pm. Tickets cost only $400 pesos and should be purchased early to ensure you a space. Tickets sell out early for this worthwhile event.

Villas Tlaquepaque is located at Avenida Luis Echeverría #44, in Lo de Marcos,

Up coming celebrations, fundraisers and other worthwhile dates to remember.
We will have more information on all events as it comes in. Start marking your calendars for your favorites.

  • Every Tuesday - Charity Bingo, More info here
  • February 17 & 24 - Free Festival Artistico y Cultural - Guayabitos Plaza
  • February 18 - 5th Annual Taste of Lo de Marcos Fundraiser see blog post
  • February 22 - CCC fundraiser at Zapata 32, DJ Adan doing the honors
  • March 3 - La Casa de Los Niños, Dinner Dance and Benefit - Lo de Marcos
Cancer Walk for Prevention
There were over 700 people that took part in the Walk this year. The Walk culminated again at Hinde and Jaimes Restaurant in La Peñita.

Burgers on the grill for everyone, and probably the most beer served in a long time. Fun was had by all at the party.

The highlight was when Patty Heuso put her beautiful long shiny locks up for bid. Even Hinde got into the act with her scissors. 

Click here for more photos and the rest of the story.

La Peñita Players complete another successful run of SOLD OUT performances
The Penita Players wrapped up a successful run of their bi-annual Dinner-Theatre this week, with sold-out performances. $65,000 pesos was donated to Cancer de Mama from the proceeds of the show.

Thank you to everyone who supported our fundraiser once again.
The 2018 Bob Howell Commemorative El Famoso Horseshoe Event
was moved to the Zona Residential this year. We would like to thank all those folks in the Zona Residential for their kindness and support, allowing us access to their property. A special shout out to Chris and Val Schrowe for rallying to locate the new venue, equipment rental and repair, transportation of the equipment. And a big thank you to all for the behind the scenes work and logistics that began in June from the US.

To view the financial and tournament results, click here

General Alvaro Obregon School, La Joya
A group of Canadian tourists, residing at Bungalow D'Carlin, took this school under their wings this past week. First of all this tiny school is located in the mini-hamlet of La Joya, just south of Guayabitos on the East side of the highway.

The results of a Super Bowl fundraiser yielded $5000 pesos plus the group performed work on renovating the building and delivered school supplies, story books and even some tennis shoes to the students attending there. The group of Cdn's pledged to continue into the future with assisting this school.
I Get To Have The Last Word!!
Many people have asked me what is happening with the food giveaways I started in La Colonia between Christmas and New Years.      The first one was done out of the goodness of my heart. I did all the arranging and paid for everything. There were many of you that read my article and offered to help and / or donate to the next giveaway..

I planned another one and arranged for the food to be picked and bagged and delivered on a preset date and time. Unfortunately, when that date approached, I discovered that it was a day in which many of the proposed food recipients would not be at home but would be working the beach selling whatever they sold. I postponed the date until the next week and then discovered it was the last day of Carnival. Postponed it again to the 14th, which was another bad choice because of Valentines day.

In the interim, I found out that there had been some well intentioned folks that did come to the first date but left with their donations due to some consternation, the reason for which I am not aware.

After being punted around like a soccer ball, I have decided not to ask for any assistance with my next giveaway, and will do it unannounced at a later date. It is much easier that way.

All money that was left with Hala at the hammock store is still there and ready to be picked up by the givers. Some form of identification is requested to receive the money back. There was only a little over 4000 pesos total donated and if you do not claim your particular donation by Monday morning, February 19th, the money will be pooled and donated to Cancer de Mama. Thank you for hearing me out.

Big Thank You  to everyone that's feeding me with your wonderful photos and stories.  Please send more as my inventory is running very low, so if you have some photos or stories you would like to share, please send them in for future issues of this newsletter. Smile!
Muchas Gracias.
,Tianguis  Tianguis Tianguis

Tianguis markets are the place to shop in Mexico for just about anything you can imagine.  View the list of tianguis below under what's happening to see which are open and which are about to open..  

 It is worth your time for a visit. For more information visit here.


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  • March 11 - Daylight Saving Time Begins - USA & Can.
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Buhardilla Restaurant - Guayabitos
My wife and I ate here Saturday night Feb 10, and it was great. Our table wasn't the best but I was late making the reservation and it was the only table for 2 left so you take what you can get. My wife had the raviolis and they were excellent although a very small serving. If it would have been me who ordered them I would have been left hungry and upset. For her, it was barely enough and she ate several pieces of the delicious bread they served with the meal to fill up. I had the fettuchini carbonarra and it was delicious and almost more than I could eat. The sauce was excellent and the pasta was cooked to perfection. Service was prompt and courteous from a waitress who spoke perfect English, and prices were certainly not out of line. All in all a very enjoyable evening!   Murray Dryburgh

Centro Medico La Peñita (Dr. Martín Nuñez Arciniega) - La Penita
Would highly recommend this medical office. My wife uses the lab to monitor a pre-diabetic condition with consultation from both physicians. We are fortunate to have this facility available with such excellent concern & care. Would encourage all expats to give them a try when medical assistance is needed. Robert K King
Beautiful place I had a great time with my friends we enjoyed the happy hour at the bar. 
We had gone before, but we had not found the place open. When he told Sofia, he told us that it was because they had volunteered at one of the events to sterilize dogs. We ordered a latte and a mocha, both were delicious, excellent coffee and prepared with great care. Both the hosts and the diners give this place a sense of warmth that made us feel right at home right away. One of the best places to enjoy excellent coffee in La Penita    Alejandro Zedillo Rojas
We were in Rincon de Guayabitos for Spring Break this year to visit friends who spend the winter there each year. La Pina Loca became our 'go to' place to eat. The service and food are excellent and I can't recommend this restaurant enough.
Mike and Lesa - Canada

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Hamaca Maya
World Famous Mayan Hammocks
Hala Hazzi's hammock store is your one-stop shop for not only hammocks, but also for day-of-the-dead dolls and other delightful Mexican folk art. Hala deals directly with the artisans, so you get the best prices on everything in her store.

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Transportación Turistica Guayabitos

We are your best choice for custom transportation to and from the airport and for private tours.

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Restaurant Los Brothers

We are conveniently located on the beach next to Bungalows Marlene. You owe it to yourself to try our delicious menu items and note that we will cook to order you special dishes.

Enjoy candlelight dinners on the beach. Toes in the sand, wine glasses filled and your favorite dishes prepared the way you like it. Also enjoy happy hour all day everyday.

Visit our website here.

Mr. Ribs on the Highway
We specialize in BBQ ribs and grilled chicken, done to perfection roasted over mesquite wood.

We are here for your dining pleasure and don't forget about our live music. We will entertain you while you are enjoying our fine food. Please check out our live music schedule on our webpage, click here

Gigio Paradiso Italian Pizzeria
Gigio's Pizza has been open in La Penita on the plaza for years. Now they have opened up a new restaurant on the beach in Guayabitos. Stop in to try out their wood-fired oven baked pizzas. You will be glad you did.You will be astounded by how fast your pizza is cooked in our 900 F. oven. 

We have expanded our menu to include some scrumptious Italian pastas. Visit our webpage here for a map and directions. We are located next to Karla's Restaurant.

Tonita IV Costa Restaurant is Open and Serving up All Your Favorites, Including the
Best Margaritas Around

La Peñita
Be sure to stop in for a cold one and some of the best home cooking around. Our friendly staff will take good care of you so you can enjoy the view of the ocean and Malecón.

Once you are finished eating, step up on the new Malecón and get a closer look at the new Seahorses now located there.  Check out their web page here.



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Andy Sanchez, La Peñita
Ignasio Partida, La Peñita, (327) 274-3280, cell (327) 102-5035, construction, tile, brick,

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