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July 5, 2018

Its time to start practicing your acrobatics for those morning strolls on the beach. We'll all be watching.
You are really fast with that camera Jasmine!
Welcome to all 3765 newsletter subscribers!  I hope that some of you enjoy watching our numbers grow, as much as I enjoy sharing them with you.

First thing on my agenda today is to express my thank you to everyone that gave me permission to take a short break from the rigors of researching, creating and disseminating these normally bi-weekly Explore Nayarit newsletters. I have to admit that being freed from the routine for a month as well as returning to the routine have both been memorable. I have enjoyed skipping around the world but am really happy to be back home in La Peñita with the real head of my household, Taco, the rescue dog.

I hope that you all are enjoying your vacations away from your vacations.

Being relegated to keeping an eye on the hurricanes from afar was a test for me. I would much rather being able to stick my head out the door to test for rainfall and test my weathered paraguas (umbrella) out and let the rain rinse off the dust it collected during those dry winter months. But mostly, what I really missed the most was having my little boy "Taco", my rescued and adopted pooch, by my side day and night. Leaving him behind, but in very capable and loving hands, was the most difficult part of my travels.
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Featured Articles
Whether it's working with crocodiles, turtles, horses, dogs and cats, or helping with special needs children, the elderly, cancer awareness and detection, fundraising with various pro-community organizations, or attending beach volleyball tournaments, horseshoe pitching contests, motor cycle or Volkswagen rallies, kayaking to Isla Coral, sport fishing, or just relaxing on our beautiful sun drenched beaches, there is always something to do here in Jaltemba Bay to give you memories that will last a lifetime.
Making La Peñita Better
Just in case you all haven't heard. the main street of La Peñita is under demolition to replace some utilities plus sidewalks. We are hoping the work will be completed by the time you snowbirds return.
I needless to say, it is disrupting traffic on main street. I can{t wait to see exactly why they are doing this. I want to thank Koral, from Alicia's, for these photos.

Yes, You Guessed It

And then the rains came. Don't fret though, we are used to working in the rain. The roads will be completed before you all return to paradise.

We hope!

Turning Avocado Pits Into Bio-Degradable Plastic Straws
Mexico has done it again! scientists at BIOFASE Sustainable Plastics, have been producing biodegradable plastic eating utensils since 2014 and just recently started producing plastic straws.

They use in excess of 15 tons of avocado pits daily to produce their biodegradable products. The straws degrade with exposure in 240 days instead of the conventional straws in 100 years.
The notorious Black Widow Spider has infested the Yucatan over the past 3 years. 
There have been a few bites there, but no serious reactions so far. I you should get bitten by the female, seek medical attention within 2 hours to receive the antitoxin.

This is not a warning for the Nayarit or Jalisco areas, just information for travelers to the Yucatan.
Once Again, this August, Riveria Nayarit is Focusing on Food

There will be a variety of gastronomic events set to please everyone here in Nayarit in August. It is a great time to try that special restaurant now, while the crowds are way.

You can experience some of the best foods in Mexico and choose from many venues throughout Nayarit, and enjoy food designed to tickle you gastronomic senses.

See more information courtesy of Travel Pulse by clicking on this link.

Three Engineering Students In the News
El Financiero recently reported that 3 engineering students from Monterey will be heading to the UK to participate in a business accelerator program at the Hult International Business School in Great further develop their invention that purifies waste water and at the same time generates electricity.

The three engineering students, Joel Garzafox, Rodrigo Chinchilla and Jaime García are all in their final semester of earning their chemical engineering degrees.

To read more. click here.
The Annual Hurricane Season provides us with a Moving Target to Be on the Lookout for.

This year has been no different, but we always need to keep our eyes out for storms brewing on the Pacific coastal waters.

This year has, so far spared us any serious storms, so far. There have been some heavy rains and accompanying flooding, but no hurricane action.  We are currently watching weather systems  5 & 6, Emilia and Fabio, neither of which will be producing any problems for Jaltemba Bay.

Thanks to NOAA for this representation.
Plastic bags from nopal juice? Yup!
Mexico has an ever increasing number of engineers that are creating many useful and 'green' products.

Sandra Pascoe,, while at the University of Valle de Atemajac , in Guadalajara, has found a way to create plastic bags from the common nopal cactus. And the added benefit is that it degrades when exposed to the environment.

Read about her story here.
The unnamed river that flows from the mountains, past the Transito station in La Peñita, under the highway just to the north of the main traffic light and there out to the sea, has been a problem in recent years due to the amount of debris and soils it carries with it. This flow of water has caused many problems as it tears into the banks of the river and plugs up under the Bahia de Acapulco bridge.

The work of widening and reshaping the river banks is now completed and we are ready for some heavy rains again. Expecting some rain this evening. We'll see how the work pays off.

Upcoming Fundraisers in the Jaltemba Bay Area
  • January 19, 2019 - Cancer de Mama Fundraiser at Zapata 32
  • January 23, 2019 - J.E.E.P.  at the Refugio
  • February 1,2,3 - Cancer de Mama Clinic

Cancer de Mama Fundraiser at Zapata Club 32
Cancer de Mama fundraiser will be at Zapata Club 32 on January 19, 2019. The Oktober-Fiesta will run from noon  until 3:00 pm. Cost is 200 pesos, which includes 1 brat and 1 bier.

Wear your finest German attire for a chance to win a prize.
Short Takes...
A much waited for update on the new highway, will just have to wait until there is something to report. In speaking with one of our politicians, the work continues. The weather has not taken much of a toll on the work, but the state of Jalisco is not getting all the permits and right-of-ways as needed, so there is slow going on that front.. Nayarit has and is proceeding, however. I will take to the mountains in a few days, if the rains hold off, to get some new photos for the next newsletter.
The Future of Latin America Foundation is worth keeping an eye on. The Nayarit campus of this organization is seeking to turn this region into a sustainable technological destination to develop and prepare the area for the future. You will be hearing more about this in the future.
Mexico has recently banned the importation of potatoes from the US, reportedly due to the threat of diseases. It may also be politically motivated.
A 5.9 intensity earthquake, centered off the coast and just south of Puerto Vallarta, caused very little damage and no reported injuries. It occurred at 11:00 pm on Friday night.
AMLO, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and his newly formed Morena party have won, by a landslide, most of the political races here on Sunday's voting in Mexico.  They ran on a platform for change. Obrador, himself, says that he wants to change everything for the better. Needless to say, the people believed in him enough to give him the nod with a 53% majority of the votes. The people were tired of all their taxes and payments ending up in pockets rather than for the purposes proposed. Only time will tell if the new party will be successful and the people were correct.
Mexico's national Soccer team was taken down by the 5-time World champion team from Brazil. It was a sad loss to take after playing so well and getting to the position they were in. The Russia 2018 World Cup is still in progress. Mexico had 13 shots on goal, non of which made it into the net. Brazil will now play either Belgium or Japan.
Remittances sent to Mexico from workers in the United States, has hit a all-time high of 3.09 billion US dollars for the month of May.
Mexico's Synchronized Swimming Team takes 7 Gold Metals in the Artistic Swimming World Series held in Greece. Congratulations team!
Pepsi and Coca-Cola have both exited certain portions of the state of Guerrero due to violence, extortion and a lock of security for employees.
The Mexican Government, in efforts to make travelling on the nation's highways is having video cameras installed to cover 5000 km of highways by 2020.  Since this is an effort to make the most dangerous highways safer, we will not be seeing any of this coverage for Nayarit or Jalisco
InterContinental Hotels Group plc,, United Kingdom, has announced they will be increasing its foot print in Mexico to approximately 30,000 rooms by 2021. IHG operates brands such as Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, Staybridge, Indigo, the boutique chain Kimpton and its newest, midscale brand, avid.

Big Thank You  to everyone that's feeding me with your wonderful photos and stories.  Please send more as my inventory is running very low, so if you have some photos or stories you would like to share, please send them in for future issues of this newsletter. Smile!
Muchas Gracias.
Tianguis Tianguis Tianguis

Tianguis markets are the place to shop in Mexico for just about anything you can imagine.  View the list of tianguis below under what's happening to see which are open and which are about to open..  

It is worth your time for a fun visit. For more information visit here.


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Hamaca Maya
This is your one stop shop for the largest and most beautiful selection of hammocks in all of Mexico. Don't bother wasting time elsewhere. If you're looking for a hammock-THIS is the place. If you're looking for a lame Tshirt or trinket that can be found anywhere else in Mexico, then move on. If you want unique and fun take home prezzies for friends, family and yourself... then don't miss this amazing little gem in La Penita. And the bonus is the owner is as colourful and vibrant as the cool stuff she carries. We love it and never miss an opportunity to check it out when we're there. Absolutely FIVE star worthy.

Buhardilla Restaurant - Guayabitos
My wife and I ate here Saturday night Feb 10, and it was great. Our table wasn't the best but I was late making the reservation and it was the only table for 2 left so you take what you can get. My wife had the raviolis and they were excellent although a very small serving. If it would have been me who ordered them I would have been left hungry and upset. For her, it was barely enough and she ate several pieces of the delicious bread they served with the meal to fill up. I had the fettuchini carbonarra and it was delicious and almost more than I could eat. The sauce was excellent and the pasta was cooked to perfection. Service was prompt and courteous from a waitress who spoke perfect English, and prices were certainly not out of line. All in all a very enjoyable evening!   Murray Dryburgh

Centro Medico La Peñita (Dr. Martín Nuñez Arciniega) - La Penita
Would highly recommend this medical office. My wife uses the lab to monitor a pre-diabetic condition with consultation from both physicians. We are fortunate to have this facility available with such excellent concern & care. Would encourage all expats to give them a try when medical assistance is needed. Robert K King

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