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May 3, 2018

Almost a big oops!
Thanks Jasmine.
This is a special note to all of our readers and clients.  Back in December, we experienced a barrage of hackers and experienced a time period when the ExploreNayarit website was mostly inaccessible by readers desiring to book rentals.

I want to take this opportunity to apologize for any inconvenience or difficulty you may have experienced in contacting the rentals on this site. Everything is back to normal, so please give another try to contact your favorite rentals that were unable to receive or respond to your inquiries during that time.

David Thompson
Welcome to all 3764 newsletter subscribers!  I hope that some of you enjoy watching the numbers grow, as much as I enjoy sharing them with you.

This past weekend, Friday through Tuesday, was another huge weekend for Mexican tourists visiting the Jaltemba Bay area. It started with teacher conferences on Friday, Children's Day on Monday and finally Dia del Trabajo (Labor Day) on Tuesday. This is getting to be almost non-stop holidays around here. Its great for the local economy.

Announcements for future fundraising functions will be made when I am notified of their dates, times and other pertinent information. Keep a lookout here for your favorite events.
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To find out what else is happening, read through the information below and take a peek at our online calendar.

Photographers and Writers: I sure could use some stories to share with our readers. Some of you sent in stories in the past that never made it to the newsletter, as they got lost in the upgrading process. We hope that you will not be discouraged and will again share with us your experiences here in the bay and beyond.

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Featured Articles
Whether it's working with crocodiles, turtles, horses, dogs and cats, or helping with special needs children, the elderly, cancer awareness and detection, fundraising with various pro-community organizations, or attending beach volleyball tournaments, horseshoe pitching contests, motor cycle or Volkswagen rallies, kayaking to Isla Coral, sport fishing, or just relaxing on our beautiful sun drenched beaches, there is always something to do here in Jaltemba Bay to give you memories that will last a lifetime.
Mexico's elections timeline should be studied by US officials (In my opinion):

December 14, 2017 - Party Primaries begin
January 15 to 30, 2018 - Each party platform is registered.
February 11 - Party Primaries end
March 30 to June 27 - Candidates campaign for election
April 22, May 20 & June 12 - Candidate debates
June 27 - All campaigning must end  
July 1 - 2018 Election Day

It is illegal for candidates to campaign between June 28 and July 1
Election results can be announced on July 1, but no later than August 31

December 1 - The new administration takes office.

Can you imagine a general election in the US taking only a little over 6 months?

Alaska Airlines Just Changed the Rules
If you were planning on taking your Emotional Support Animal with you on your next flight, check with the airline to make sure you understand the new rules.

This action, prompted by incidents mostly behaviorally induced, went into effect on May 1st. To read more about these changes, click here.

Assistance Needed

This past Friday night, an electrical fire completely destroyed all the belongings of Maria de los Angeles Sanchez Cortez and her daughter, along with sever damage to their casa in La Colonia.

Her and her 14 year old daughter are completely devastated by the fire that started in a switch box. 

If anyone can find it in their hearts to assist in any way possible, they would be very grateful.

Please click here to see some photos and a means to contact Maria if you can donate either monetarily or with furniture, food, appliances, etc.

Musings of Bagger Dave
Field of Dreams (Mexican Style).
Just about every Christmas, for the past dozen years or so, my family and I have spent a fortnight in Barra de Navidad, a small town on the Pacific coast of Mexico, four or five hours south of Puerto Vallarta. Two weeks in the sun when Vancouver Island was getting wind and rain, maybe even snow, was just what the doctor ordered. 

This particular year, we decided to give Guayabitos and the surrounding area a try.

To read the rest of Dave's story, click here.
Are Solar panels In Your Future? Maybe not!
CFE, Federal Electricity Commission, is giving us reason to pause and rethink installing solar in our homes in Mexico. 

Approximately 1 year ago, CFE filed an injunction against the regulations for how CFE would have to pay for the electricity generated by homes and small businesses. Therein lies the issue. Please read here for more information.


Cancer de Mama Update
Here are a few photos from the last clinic
Mark your calendars for the 2019 Cancer de Mama Clinic on February 1st, 2nd and 3rd!
Short Takes...
NAFTA - The president of the Mexican Business Council for Foreign Trade, Investment and Technology (Comce) said last week that he is optimistic that Mexico, the United States and Canada are close to renewing the 24-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement.
Hilton and Marriott Hotels are planning 99 new hotel in Mexico over the next two years. Hyatt will be opening an undisclosed number of hotels.
Immunity No More  Mexico’s lower house of Congress unanimously approved changes to the constitution last week to eliminate immunity from prosecution for all public servants, including the president. Could this possibly eliminate some of the contenders for the presidency?
Onion Prices have almost doubled during the previous month. This action has many people in tears. Rising prices are being blamed on fuel costs and political instabilities within the the main growing regions, one being Tamaulipas.

New City Buses Are Arriving in Puerto Vallarta at a steady pace. The first delivery to go into operation was 8 new, Dina manufactured, air conditioned buses. Watch for these bright reddish colored buses to arrive at your next bus stop.

PEMEX first quarter earnings hit $113 Billion pesos, thanks to favorable exchange rates and the rising price of oil.  Might I add, the high prices at the pump.
Mexico Elections will be on July 1, 2018, so BIMBO, the bread people, is withholding making investments until after that date. Uncertainty is blamed for this electoral year strategy.
Texting and Driving in Mexico.  We are averaging 32 deaths per day in Mexico contributed to texting while driving. Please don't text while driving! Save yourself and someone else!
2018 Hurricane Season is May 15 to November 30 in our part of the world. Here is a partial list of the names proposed to be used: Aletta, Bud, Carlotta, Daniel, Emilia, Fabio, Gilma, Hector, Ileana, John, Kristy, Lane, Miriam, Norman, Olivia, Paul, Rosa, Sergio, Tara, Vicente, Willa, Xavier, Yolanda and Zeke. We are hoping they are not all needed this year.
Chinese Automaker BAIC has announced a proposal to build a $2 Billion USD manufacturing-assembly plant in Mexico. There are 8 states competing to be the new location.
Turning Used Tires Into Pesos

The Alvarez family from the state of Mexico are creating uses for those discarded tires. They started out 40 years ago turning the used tires into shoes and huaraches.

Now, through increased technology, they have also developed a way to pulverize the tires into fine dust to use to make aclyic-based weatherproofing coatings.

Read more about this family by following this link.
NOTE: This is a rerun. I missed the link in the last issue.
The Volkswagens came mostly all at once and left just as quickly.
Many of us were expecting the influx to start earlier, but they really didn't start to arrive until Saturday evening.

They filled the Guayabitos plaza, the streets and most parking lots by Saturday night. Madness was upon us once again, if only for a little while. I think there were enough beverages sold to make some of them float.

As you will see in the blog post, attached here, we were again flooded with VWs. Great bunch of folks with a lot of talent in rebuilding and customizing.

It's a Dream Come True!
It will be raining Tequila in Mexico.
Thanks to the Mexico Tourism Board, it will be raining tequila sometime this rainy season. They have invested in some new technology to create tequila rain clouds.

For the rest of the story, click here.

One would think this was the annual automobile edition. Here is another ...
100% Mexican owned Zacua

The first to produce an all electric car here in Mexico.

Initially, only women will be working in the manufacturing plant located in Puebla.

You can read all about the new plant and the vehicles it will produce by clicking here.


Big Thank You  to everyone that's feeding me with your wonderful photos and stories.  Please send more as my inventory is running very low, so if you have some photos or stories you would like to share, please send them in for future issues of this newsletter. Smile!
Muchas Gracias.
Tianguis Tianguis Tianguis

Tianguis markets are the place to shop in Mexico for just about anything you can imagine.  View the list of tianguis below under what's happening to see which are open and which are about to open..  

 It is worth your time for a visit. For more information visit here.


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Sunset Casa
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A delightful vacation rental offering boutique-style accommodations. The property is just steps from the beach in La Peñita, has beautifully manicured gardens and a large heated swimming pool with palapa and bbq.

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Guayabitos Casa Encantada
A place to relax and renew your spirit!
Guayabitos Casa Encantada awaits your arrival for a relaxing holiday at the beach.

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Casa Ayala Beach House
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Hamaca Maya
This is your one stop shop for the largest and most beautiful selection of hammocks in all of Mexico. Don't bother wasting time elsewhere. If you're looking for a hammock-THIS is the place. If you're looking for a lame Tshirt or trinket that can be found anywhere else in Mexico, then move on. If you want unique and fun take home prezzies for friends, family and yourself... then don't miss this amazing little gem in La Penita. And the bonus is the owner is as colourful and vibrant as the cool stuff she carries. We love it and never miss an opportunity to check it out when we're there. Absolutely FIVE star worthy.

Buhardilla Restaurant - Guayabitos
My wife and I ate here Saturday night Feb 10, and it was great. Our table wasn't the best but I was late making the reservation and it was the only table for 2 left so you take what you can get. My wife had the raviolis and they were excellent although a very small serving. If it would have been me who ordered them I would have been left hungry and upset. For her, it was barely enough and she ate several pieces of the delicious bread they served with the meal to fill up. I had the fettuchini carbonarra and it was delicious and almost more than I could eat. The sauce was excellent and the pasta was cooked to perfection. Service was prompt and courteous from a waitress who spoke perfect English, and prices were certainly not out of line. All in all a very enjoyable evening!   Murray Dryburgh

Centro Medico La Peñita (Dr. Martín Nuñez Arciniega) - La Penita
Would highly recommend this medical office. My wife uses the lab to monitor a pre-diabetic condition with consultation from both physicians. We are fortunate to have this facility available with such excellent concern & care. Would encourage all expats to give them a try when medical assistance is needed. Robert K King

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Arte dikur is your all inclusive handmade handicraft emporium. You can find just about any gift you may need for you, your family and your friends back home.

All our products are handmade by us right here in La Peñita... leather products, purses, silver and other jewelry, paper-mâché wall hangings, all unique and authentic one of a kind items.

For more information and photos, please click here.


Chasite Coffee House
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This charming and attractive coffee house is more than just a coffee house. We serve breakfast and lunch offering healthy choices for your enjoyment. Try our smoothies! Did anyone say mango smoothies? They are sure to please.

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Andy Sanchez, La Peñita
Ignasio Partida, La Peñita, (327) 274-3280, cell (327) 102-5035, construction, tile, brick,

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