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It's been an insane first week, we crossed 100 FB likes, almost 200 show downloads, 20+ 5 star ratings in iTunes, and our first donations!
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Week 1 Show Recap!

Thank you all so much for your help in the last week, the video above is a little treat to show my appreciation!
I cannot thank you all enough for how encouraging you have been! Please forward this email on to anyone you think may benefit, let's get the word out!

Next week
-Interview with a Caleb Newquist, Going Concern
-Remainder of the Interviewing Series

This Weeks Podcasts

-Ep9: Interviewing Part 3 - Questions you need to ask them
-Ep8: Interview with Malorie Kerouac - Big 4, overcoming barriers to success, and not letting go of your past
-Ep7: Interviewing Part 2 - Office visits and the questions you WILL be asking in the interviews
-Ep6:Listener Questions

See podcasts 1-5 here!


In an incredibly courageous podcast, Max opens up about his biggest failure, not being hired at a Big 4 public accounting firm. But... have a listen to find out why it may have been the best things that happened to him as now, after only working for two years, he's relocating to the UK. Max also describes his struggle with his sexuality at work, and what tips he has for people to be themselves!

Malorie Kerouac

In an inspiring podcast about overcoming barriers to success, here how Malorie was able to find the job of her dreams with her top company, and how she did it all, without letting go of her past!

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