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Weekly TBC Show Recap!

We've spiked up this week around the Top 10 in the business and careers sections in iTunes and we are featured in the "New and Noteworthy" section! Thank you all for your encouragement and support! We have some great content out this week! If you have a question you'd like answered on the show, email me at!

Next week's Podcasts

- Navigating Office Romance 
- Interview with Justin Chan, Blind Acc Student
- Turning down job offers

This week's Podcasts
Ep14: LinkedIn Part 1 - Using LinkedIn through recruiting
Ep13: Interview with Caleb Newquist, Founding Editor of
Ep12: Interviewing Part 5 - Mock Interview with Nadeen Badran
Ep11: Interviewing Part 4 - 35 Reasons why people fail in an interview
Ep10: Promotion Part 1 - How to get promoted (10 steps)

See podcasts 1-9 here!

Going Concern

In an exclusive interview, we talk with Caleb about the early days of and how he created a new Media category in the accounting industry, and what challenges he faced over the years. He shares with us an exclusive story he broke with PwC, as well as his biggest piece of advice for anyone who is working, "Stop caring about money..."

Nadeen Badran
USF Student

In the fifth podcast of the interviewing series, Nadeen Badran prepares for a Mock Interview with Deloitte. In this interview, we ask her a sample of questions to see how she handles the pressure!

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