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Pilates classes start next week!
Our new course of Pilates and fitness classes starts this Monday 18/4/16 for 10 weeks.
I have been planning the new sessions and this time I am including some ballet based exercises into classes.
We know that a lot of the traditional ballet exercises are great for your core, flexibility and posture, but it is often the associated strength with ballet that is underestimated.
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I hope you are well and getting fit for summer? I am lucky enough to be having a bit of an early one here in Fuerteventura where it is always sunny - they get around 5 days of rain a year!
There is no doubt that the weather has a huge impact on our desire and accessibility to exercise - I have already upped my running distance and it just seems so easy keeping fit alongside a beautiful coastline with blue skies and a warm breeze to keep me company...
But the reality is that we do live in a cold, wet country and have to find a way to keep ourselves fit and healthy anyway.
I was down in London last week to do part of my training with The Functional Aging Institute of America with Dr Cody Sipe who is a lecturer in Kinesiology at Harding University, Arkansaw. Cody also runs with his mate Dr Dan Ritchie a gym specialising in aging, or rather 'successful aging', and works very hands on with his 'Boomers' and 'Zoomers' (52-70 year olds) getting them to challenge the myths and excuses around exercise and aging with some fantastic results.
The good news is that you can start a fitness programme at any age and also grow muscles, but the sooner you start the better.
As Cody himself says 'Mobility is the essence of life' and I think he's right.
He gave me a bit of feedback on some of my Pilates exercises and there are a couple of the original ones he's not happy with  - I can tell you this in classes next week...
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I am very excited about training as a qualified Barre Fusion teacher in April. This is a unification of the best of Yoga, Ballet and Pilates, and as an ex ballet student myself this is going to be a bit nostalgic...
Barre Fusion is huge in America and the south of England and I will be one of the first registered teachers in Scotland.
My trainer is Jay Banks, the other half of Pilates guru Kelly Reed-Banks and he was recently voted International Personal Trainer of the year at the International Fitness Showcase in Blackpool.
I've met Jay before and his background is in dance so this will be great.
I hope to see you next week!
Discount Style evening in Bridge of Allan
I am delighted to have been asked to host a Style and Fitness event in Run 4 It, Bridge of Allan on Wednesday 27/4/16. Manager Mandy Williams is an ex-colleague of mine from  Monsoon Accessorize and we are going to do some 'style stuff' including sports bra fitting and putting the right colours together even when you are keeping fit!
There are some great colours and really trendy stock that will make you just want to get out there and exercise - there is a great range of running and fitness shoes and Mandy will watch you on the treadmill first to assess your gait.
There will be refreshments, a fun raffle and 15% discount on the night.
We kick off at 6.30 but you can call in any time until 9pm.
Come and say HI!

Long time class member and Men on Mats Pilates die-hard Ken Drummond is raising money for Prostate Cancer UK with a 420 mile bike ride around South East Scotland in May. And he's looking for sponsorship.

Ken has been coming to Pilates for around 7 years, and credits much of his core fitness and avoidance of injury to Pilates. He finds the functional movement and stretching particularly useful and can be seen in the class usually with his ankle weights on to make the exercises more difficult!

Ken only took up exercising seriously around this time, so is a great example of the fact that you can start fitness and get stronger at any age - it really is no excuse and it's never too late.
Sponsor Ken and raise funds for a great cause at


Member of the Month
This month it's Irene Kirkwood (53) who has been coming to Pilates and Freestyle Fitness Yoga (Unite) for around 4 years.

Why do you do Pilates/Fitness Yoga?
I go to the Unite class on a Sunday morning. I find this a great way to start the day especially on a cold winter morning as it gets the circulation going.

What do you like about your class?
I really enjoy the combination of Fitness Yoga and Pilates exercises which improves core strength and flexibility. I like the way Elaine varies the exercises and the music which keeps the class fresh and challenging.

What changes have you seen since starting?
Before attending Elaine's classes I was prone to hurting my back. I have seen a great improvement in my core strength which has really helped me at work. My balance has also improved.

What is your favourite exercise?
One of my favourite exercises is the Sun Salutation which is a sequence of moves which I find helps to stretch and warm up the muscles.

Least favourite?
Possible Plank Climbers - I certainly couldn't do these when I first started the classes but I can now ( and you do them well Irene!).

What are your fitness goals this year?
To continue to improve my core strength and flexibility.

Thanks Irene - it's great to have you in the class!
If you would like to be 'Member of the Month' next time please let me know.


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