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Crash Fitness Course August 2015!


I have decided to run this fun, successful fitness programme for 2 weeks in August so if you feel you need a bit of a push with your fitness and want to try different types, you can choose from Pilates, Fitness Yoga, Circuits (like Metafit) and running/power walking.
The idea is that you can commit to 3/4 sessions per week for 2 weeks which should put you firmly on track for lifelong fitness and weight control.
This includes a 1-2-1 fitness assessment and plan as well as a team fitness seminar.
The course will run from 3/8/15 - 16/8/15 and is £35.
I need to get numbers as soon as possible - pre-booking is essential
07933 911522 or

There are 3 weeks left of this course of classes - the last one is 25/6/15 - and they resume on 3/8/15 for 10 weeks until 8/10/15.
As usual I expecting demand to be high so please book before the end of this course if you plan to do the next - you'll get one class free

We are having our fitness night out at Jam Jar in Bridge of Allan on Thursday 25/6/15 so if you've always wanted to get to know your classmates a bit better and see them in their civvies this is your chance! I need £10 deposit asap (see below).
We still have space in our Tough Mudder team for June 21 2015 (3 weeks yikes!)
If you want to experience real mental and physical challenge have a look but not for too long!
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Welcome to our June newsletter. June? I can't believe we're half way through 2015 already. I hope your year is going well and as you planned. But do you plan? I always remember a mantra from when I worked as a rep for Walkers crisps many years ago:
'Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail'
This has stayed with me and I think it really applies to our fitness - it just won't happen, you have to have a plan of how you're going to achieve your goals and more importantly, be able to visualise yourself achieving them.
I've recently been using visualisation in my quest to complete Tough Mudder Scotland on June 21 2015. Not particularly looking forward to many of the challenges (see, I have gradually increased my fitness over the last couple of months, working with heavier weights and increasing my running distance, intensity and frequency. Many of you in classes have followed suit and kind of piggy-backed onto my personal quest which is great. Positivity really does breed positivity.
More importantly I've had to overcome a fear of heights, scaling an 11m climbing wall and tackling Go Ape high ropes in preparation.
There's a great vibe in all classes at the moment and I really think small group exercise is the way to go. My evening classes have been particularly busy as the Pilates message really is hitting home.
There are 4 weeks left of classes - the last class in Thursday 25/6/15 - they resume Monday 3/8/15 for 10 weeks.
Please rebook as soon as possible - you get one FREE before 26/6/15.

 07933 911522


Injuries -  how to avoid them and how to manage them! 

This subject has figured a lot in my life recently - among my clients, friends and with myself - having upped my training quite a bit with Tough Mudder in mind.
Injury is the reason probably 5 people couldn't join our Tough Mudder team even although they wanted to - knees, hips and the latest (Chris W!) a quad strain...
Knee injuries are very common - the knee is the most vulnerable joint in the body - think how much of our bodyweight is above the joint itself - and they often take most of the impact and strain in high impact or explosive exercise.
Often the problem is cartilage related or wear and tear - sometimes it's repetitive twisting in sports such as skiing or squash which weaken the ligaments causing muscular imbalance and instability.
So how do you deal with injury?
  • First and foremost listen to your body! If it hurts don't do it - pain is there for a reason - you can still exercise just do something that doesn't hurt. Working through or ignoring pain is probably the most common reason for more serious injuries.
  • Visit a physio if it does not clear up after a couple of weeks - GPs mean well but mine didn't even know what Pilates is and sports injuries are not their speciality.
  • Mobilisation or gentle movement is normally good for most injuries to improve blood flow and heal the affected area - but not if painful.
  • Apply ice after exercise for 10 minutes (frozen peas work well)
  • Wear a compression support during exercise also improving blood flow and restricting swelling.
  • Elevate if possible to improve blood flow.
Avoiding injury
  • If you do impact work such as running check your shoes. Are they meant for your running gait? Are they running shoes? Both the Nike outlet at Tillicoultry and Run 4 It in Bridge of Allan will check this for you and advise you on your correct shoes.
  • Vary your training - don't just play squash, tennis or run on roads. Vary your terrain, length of run or try swimming - just as good for the cardio system this will take pressure off joints and is great for flexibility.
  • Warm up - you must mobilise all joints before you exercise.
  • Stretch, stretch, stretch! You cannot have maximum strength without maximum flexibility - you have to do both. Stretching is best after exercise - long stretches on all warm muscles and no bouncing!
  • Strengthen the muscles around the joints. If they are stronger you are less prone to injury eg quads are important for knees and outside of leg for hips. Fitness Pilates is ideal for this.
  • Massage - essential for any over worked muscles - tennis balls are ideal for this.
  • Rest days - have at least one per week.
If you need any help/advice give me a call 07933 911522

07933 911522.
Summer Social Evening

Yes it's that time again, the end of another great course of classes and time to celebrate your fitness and achievements with your classmates.
This time we are heading to Jam Jar in Bridge of Allan on Thursday June 25 2015 at 7.30pm.
This is a good chance to have a chat away from fitness and get to know each other a bit better.
Fun and frivolity are guaranteed!
Book NOW 07933 911522 £10 deposit to be paid by cash asap!

Standing Pilates Roll Down

I have chosen a couple of original Pilates exercises performed by Kelly Reed-Banks for you to practise if your back is feeling stiff and you need to loosen it up.
Stand tall with a light hold on your stomach and shoulders slightly back, feet hip with and spine in neutral then slowly roll down from the top of the spine engaging the vertebrae one by one. Slowly roll up from the lower spine and focus on technique.

Back-lying Spinal Rotation

Find your neutral spine with feet on the floor and keep your arms out horizontal with your shoulders back and still and palms down.
With your knees above your hips and possibly a cushion between them for support allow the legs to drop either side keeping those shoulders dead still for stability.
Excellent mobility of mid to lower back whilst engaging the oblique muscles in the side of the stomach.
Repeat 15 times and allow the head to gently move the opposite way to the legs.

Hill Climbers

If you can take your weight in Plank position excellent for upper body strength and core muscles.
Make sure your hips are level, hands under shoulders and stomach drawn in.
Keep your backside low and draw alternate knees up towards your elbow.

If you haver any questions about these or other Pilates exercises give me a call 07933 911522

Member of the Month

This month it's Ailsa Webb (43) who had been doing Fitness 121s and classes since February 2015.
Why did you choose Stirling Fitness?
I was looking for a Personal Trainer who was mature enough to understand my lifestyle and personal obstacles preventing me from doing any fitness.
Stirling Fitness seemed a good fit for me.
What do you like about your sessions?
The 121s are amazing - individual education in a safe personal space where you can be pushed to new levels, whether it be running, aerobics or Pilates are the biggest gain.
 I'm amazed at how far I've come in these last few months.
With the classes, to begin with I was very nervous having never been to any however both the Pilates and Circuits have a good mix of people of all ages and levels of fitness.
They are run very differently to gyms - Elaine starts with a base exercise then demonstrates various levels of Advanced thus you never get bored or better still you are constantly pushing yourself to the next level. There is also that healthy competitive part where my mind say no but I eyes watch others and I push myself.
What results have you seen since starting?
The results are great - I've lost nearly 2 stones and I can assure you I haven't changed my diet! My body has also changed hugely with inches off my arms, waist, hips and legs.
I'm now down 2 dress sizes and feel great in clothes. I should also mention I look and feel healthier.
What effect has this had on your life?
It has been life-changing - I can say I'm a convert to exercise being part of my life now.
You may always feel like you can't/don't want to go but when you leave you feel great.
I can't buy the satisfaction I gain from these classes or 121s so I'd say I'm a convert!
What is your favorite exercise?
Pilates Seated Roll Down
Least Favorite?
Wide, deep squats at the end of the class lifting the heels!

I want to personally congratulate Ailsa on her fitness achievements. When she started with Stirling Fitness at the beginning of February this year she had never exercised in 25 years and struggled with less than 5 minutes of aerobic exercise. She now comes to 5 sessions per week and I would have no hesitation in her joining our Tough Mudder team!
Aside from her positive attitude, determination and commitment which have got her these results she is great fun and I look forward to every session with her.
Thank you!

If you'd like to be 'Member of the Month' or tell us about your fitness experience contact me


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 See you next time. Elainexx



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