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Classes are Full!
For the first time ever all my fitness classes are full!
The good news is the new courses aren't that far off - there are 3 weeks left of this one with the last class 6/10/16.
The new courses run for 9 weeks from 17/10/16-15/12/16
Look at the class timetable here 

Welcome to Autumn. I hate using that word but there is no denying that the days are cooler and shorter and winter is almost upon us.

How are you feeling about your fitness? Are you managing to keep it going for the whole year as you planned?
Or has life and holidays got in the way?

We really can't neglect our health and fitness - it's priceless - you can't just go out and buy a new back or heart and lungs!

However you can improve them and Pilates is a great way to do this - exercising and stretching muscles in a functional way that most of us don't do in our sedentary everyday lives.

I have never seen my classes so busy and have had to create a waiting list this term which I have never had to do before. I think more medical professionals are recommending Pilates to their patients and us Fitness Professionals have never had so much positive coverage in the media encouraging people to take up exercise.

And remember it's never too late - I had an 80 year old man this week inquiring about improving his fitness - indeed our muscles can grow at any age but you have to use them.

I'm fascinated right now with the obsession with 'clean eating' as promoted by leading fitness professionals and in the media, and the more subtle but obvious obsession with Botox or fillers often by the same people.

Botox or Botulinum is the most acutely lethal toxin known and can cause death. It's everywhere - women are developing lineless faces and swollen lips that don't move!
For me the irony is when they do both to extreme, promoting themselves as completely sin free on the food front yet filling their skin with lethal toxins to replace the natural fat they have lost around their faces, there is a conflict.
I think there's too much obsession with having lean fat free bodies - we are women not men - we  weren't meant to have abs of steel. We were meant to have babies!!!

Try and focus on your fitness and health rather than obsess about your dress size and it will drop. Thinking too much about food will make you want it more.
The Barre Fitness trial classes got off to a great start with the new Wednesday course full by the weekend.
This is an exclusive class and I think most felt it was great fun but a fantastic workout for the legs and butt especially.

I will be running a new Barre course in October - book now  - only 8 spaces available £60.

If you've let your Pilates/fitness lapse or have missed a couple of courses, you are more than welcome to return  I am more than happy to welcome you back and understand that you maybe don't want to do every block of classes!
I hope to see you all soon.
Yours in fitness.

Please let me know if I can of any help with your quest for eternal fitness, and follow my Blog here

Barre Fitness

Barre Fitness is mainly ballet based and offers a full all round workout - some barre work which is great for flexibility, strength and balance - a full blown cardiovascular or fatburning workout in the centre, followed by a stretch/strength session on the mats.

This is great fun and different to any workout I have ever taught - if you did ballet as a kid it will take you back there as you plie and frappe at the barre, and glisse and pas de chat across the studio.
And we even have ballet tinkly piano music!

But you don't have to have done ballet before - the moves are very simple to pick up and understand.
This really is pure escapism into a world away from the gym and the Bootcamp, giving you some fantastic health related benefits.

The new course starts 18/10/16 for 9 weeks.
BOOK NOW 07933 911522


'Turning your passion into a business' is our next talk at Women in Business Forth Valley on Wednesday 28/9/16.
We have Louise Murray, owner and founder of the prestigious Monument Dance Centre who will take us on her journey of running one of the most successful dance schools in Scotland.
We had 40 ladies at our last event - BOOK HERE
Women in Business Forth Valley was set up 3 years ago to provide support and inspiration to local business ladies and can be used as a chance to touch base and share ideas with fellow entrepreneurs.
We have a great mix of beginners and veterans in business  and our ethos is self-belief and focus in an often male dominated world.

   Member of the Month
This time it's dentist Kate Pritchard who has been coming to Stirling Fitness since January this year.
Why do you come to Stirling Fitness?
I was recommended by my Mum who has been coming to Elaine's classes for years. I have always preferred smaller classes as I feel you get more supervision and individual encouragement. Elaine's studio is ideal for this.
Why do you do Pilates?
I wanted to start Pilates to improve my core strength and also my posture, as I'd heard it was a good way to prevent back problems which I felt I was prone to at work.
What do you like about your classes?
Elaine is so lovely and makes you feel very welcome.She is very encouraging and always positive, and will also tell you what you need to do to improve. The classes cater for all abilities so you never feel like you can't keep up, which is something I always worry about going to new classes.
What changes have you seen since starting?
I have definitely noticed an improvement in my overall fitness level. I'm enjoying these classes much more than I ever have with other classes before and this makes me want to work herder in them! I feel I have also improved my core strength, I can do lots of thing s I couldn't even attempt in the first lessons.
What is your favourite exercise?
I like squats and doing weights, and am even enjoying the plank more now that I'm getting better at it!
Least favourite?
Anything where I have to touch my toes because I'm terrible at it!
What are your fitness goals for the next 6 months?
To become more flexible, get more toned and to be able to do the Torpedo! (side lying exercise for back stability)

Kate has done really well at Stirling Fitness and is a member of the exclusive Pink Dumbbell Club (5k in Starfish) !! (See photo)
Her entire family comes to the studio - Dad Bill has just started Pilates and sister Jen does some 121s.

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