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There are 3 weeks left of this course of Fitness and Pilates classes then the classes are off for 2 weeks. 
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I hope you are happy and well - the weather has certainly improved here in Stirling recently and I've been managing to get outside and power walk/run with my fatloss clients. Being outdoors in good weather is great for lifting your mood and burning fat.
Do you have any goals for your fitness this summer? Maybe to get into that bikini for your holidays or look good at a wedding...
If you don't keep fit at this time of year you never will - it still breaks my heart to see so many middle aged people walking around with bad posture and complaining about back problems - and doing nothing about it to strengthen for the future.
Is there any thing more important or valuable than your health? Kids maybe but that's it!

There are 3 more weeks left of most classes with some minor changes that you will know about if you're a regular.
The last classes are on 31/3/16 then they are off for 2 weeks and resume Monday 18//4/16 for 10 weeks.
It would be really good to know if you plan to do the next course and I would really appreciate it if you rebook before the end of this one to reserve your place.

I have a couple of work trips planned in the break - I am heading down to London to meet Cody Sipe, vice president of the Functional Aging Institute of America, who is in town for the FitPro Live conference in London (see next column) and I am heading out to Fuerteventura again for a few days to work with hotel fitness staff and possibly teach a couple of classes again...I can feel the sun on my face already lol!

The Functional Aging Institute
I am very excited to be heading down to London in a couple of weeks to meet Dr Cody Sipe Vice President of The Functional Aging Institute of America.

The FAI was founded in 2013 by Cody and Dr Dan Ritchie after realising there was no senior fitness programme on the market that could meet their high standards of education and knowledge.

Cody has spent his career developing and practicing the most effective strategies to improve function in older adults and his secondary area of expertise is in the prevention and management of chronic disease conditions especially those that accompany the aging process such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and osteoporosis.

So I think this will be a great opportunity to get up to date on the latest findings regarding exercise and aging - indeed I realised this week that it is actually 16 years since I qualified to teach older adults.

I hope to share some of my new found knowledge with you after the Easter break!

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Class of the Month
I thought we'd have a change this month and I'd speak about an individual class. The Tuesday morning class is my first and longest running Pilates class and will be 9 years old in April.
Half of these ladies are still coming after all these years and I know they won't mind me saying but over that time they have aged gracefully into what are classed as 'seniors' in the fitness world.
However don't come along to this class thinking you are in for an easy ride!
The class is open to all ages and I often have younger participants come along who are amazed that these ladies are performing advanced planks, seated roll downs and more!
Competition is high between some with Avril excelling at supine cycling and yoga, Janet at the side-lying exercises and Amy and May at some of the more advanced moves.
This is a very steady class and there have been lots of good friendships made between the ladies - after giving up trying to persuade me to open a cafe on site, many of them head out after the class for their weekly coffee and catch up which is lovely to see.
The Tuesday ladies started with me when I hired the studio at Monument Dance Centre and have seen many changes both in the exercises they are doing and in my business strategy.
I look forward to many more years of Pilates with them and sharing with them some new knowledge from my functional ageing course in April!


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