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Barre Fitness
I am delighted to be launching the first ever Barre Fitness class in Stirling in September 2016 (see below).
I qualified as an instructor in April and have been working since then on creating my first course of Barre classes.
I am holding an exclusive 'try it' class on Wednesday September 6 2016 at 6pm - there are only 8 spaces so book yours NOW to avoid disappointment £10.
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I hope you are well and enjoying this lovely sunny weather in Scotland - I was talking to my friend in Newcastle last night and although not far away they have been having a cold snap with rain and 12c - so I feel very fortunate.

Does this sunny warm weather make you want to get out and get fit? I hope so - I have found myself exercising outside more than ever the last couple of weeks - but this may have something to do with the fact I have taken the plunge and entered the very first Stirling Marathon in May 2017...

I always said I would run one marathon so it was now or never as it seemed the obvious one to do.

My own personal interest aside, I think the Stirling marathon will be fantastic for the city - bringing in business, tourists and just showing off the beautiful surroundings we live in.
It also offers the novelty of a partly rural, partly city marathon - with the last half being loops around the city centre giving the runners a psychological boost and spectators the chance to be a part of it and support friends and family.
I'm also delighted that my fellow Geordie and Olympic athlete Brendan Foster came up to launch the event!

Avoiding injury will be one of my priorities in training and I really think the mix of Pilates and the power exercises we do in circuits will be a great help.

We are nearly coming to the end of the current course of fitness classes, with the final class taking place June 28 2106.
Well done and thank you to so many of you for coming to classes and supporting me in my business.
I feel privileged to have such lovely people coming to my studio and allowing me to help with your fitness.

Please note there are no Tuesday evening classes for the next fortnight (7/6 and 14/6).
The classes are off in July and will resume August 1 2016 for 10 weeks.
Book before the end of June and get one FREE!
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Barre Fitness
I am delighted to be starting Barre Fitness classes in September and indeed am one of the first instructors to do this in Scotland.
Barre Fitness is mainly ballet based and offers a full all round workout - some barre work which is great for flexibility and balance - a full blown cardiovascular or fatburning workout in the centre, followed by a long stretch/strength session on the mats.
This is great fun and different to any workout I have ever done - if you did ballet as a kid it will take you back there as you plie and fondu at the barre, and glisse and pas de chat across the studio.
And we even have ballet tinkly piano music!
But you don't have to have done ballet before - the moves are very simple to pick up and understand.
This really is pure escapism into a world away from the gym and the bootcamp, giving you some fantastic health related benefits.

This will not give you the same core workout as Pilates and is not suitable if you have major joint problems - please contact me if you would like to find out if it's suitable for you.
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Stirling Scottish Marathon
It's very exciting both for Stirling and sport that the first ever marathon is coming to Stirling on May 21 2017.
This is being hosted by Great Run Events who host the major running events in the UK including the London Marathon and The Great North Run. The plan is for this to be an annual event and attract  the big names every year, a bit like the Scottish version of the London Marathon.
I do hope there will be plenty of fun runners too!
As I myself have entered, I plan to offer advice/coaching  on running and training towards this over the next 12 months, including how to avoid injury, build strength and keep your motivation going.
Please let me know if you would like any specific training advice or classes.
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   Member of the Month
This month it's Lorna Hamilton (42) who has been coming to Stirling Fitness for 2 years.
Why do you come to Stirling Fitness?
I started Pilates classes about 2 years ago, a friend recommended Elaine and I attended her classes for a year. It just so happened I ended up moving to just around the corner so it's very handy now! I like the choice of class times and find the classes relaxed and good fun.
Why do you do Pilates?
I've had problems with my back and pelvis since pregnancy and I was always advised that Pilates was a great thing to do to strengthen core and stretch these sore muscles!
What changes have you seen since starting?
My pelvis has gradually improved and I know that Pilates has helped this a lot. If I miss a couple of sessions I really notice the difference. I also can see how I'm progressing with the exercises since I started which makes the classes more enjoyable and motivating.
What is your favourite exercise?
I like the Seated Roll Downs as I find them relaxing and not too difficult. I also love the tennis ball massage... I could spend the full hour doing that!
Least favourite?
Possibly the plank! Just because I find it really challenging. But because I am really noticing that I'm improving... I'm starting to enjoy it more now... Which is really motivating as I could hardly do it when I started.
What are your fitness goals for 2016?
I took up running in January and recently ran 5k Race for Life which I would never have thought I'd have managed a couple of years ago. I really think Pilates has helped me. I'm so much more motivated and I've managed to lose over a stone in weight too. My main goal is to keep running 2-3 times a week and maybe look at doing a 10k at some point. And keep going with the Pilates of course!

Thanks Lorna and well done on getting fit!
If you would like to be 'Member of the Month' next time please let me know.


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