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Java Fitness wear here in the studio!
I am delighted to be stocking Java fitness gear from Captain Tortue, an exclusive French range of clothing.
The clothes are great quality, a flattering fit, and the colours are awesome - you'll see it displayed on the wall but I have a mini pop up shop in my living room so please ask if you want to see it - Gift Vouchers also available.
I hope you are keeping fit and well and managing to keep the winter blues at bay.

Exercise plays such a huge part in our physical and emotional well-being.

Well done to those of you who have managed to keep your fitness going so far this winter.
Most of the classes have been absolutely jam-packed - particularly Tuesday's Men on Mats and Sunday's Fitness Yoga and Pilates - surprisingly the Wednesday evening Pilates has had lower attendance even although there are plenty signed up for it - Hump Day or maybe there is something good on TV!

This is the first winter for a long time that I've been under a bit of pressure to keep my running fitness going right through.
I've entered the very first Stlrling Scottish Marathon next May, having promised myself (probably about 20 years ago) that I would do one.
I did a lot of road and fell running/orienteering in my teens and twenties and have a couple of pretty decent times under my belt over 10k and Half marathon but 20 years later this is a different ball game..

My aim is to run the 26.2 miles without stopping/walking and I decided early on that injury and boredom were my own risk factors to achieving this.
Pilates, Yoga and High Intensity classes are great for preventing injury and increasing stamina and power which are essential for running for 4-5 hours but I've also joined Mandy Williams and her marathon club at Run4 It in Bridge of Allan, to find some friends luckliy running at a similar pace and keep the motivation going.

Motivation is the key to most things - my belief is if you're not motivated how can you enjoy and succeed in life - find something you're passionate about and follow your dreams!
I'm really enjoying selling my new range of Fitness clothing from Captain Tortue - I also stock a load of stylish daywear so feel free to make an appointment to view it or have your own style party for your friends.

Gift Vouchers are now on sale and the Xmas nights out are organised.

Christmas Lunch - Tuesday 13/12/16 12pm Torbrex Inn
Christmas Dinner - Thursday 15/12/16 7.30pm Jam Jar

I need £10 deposit by Friday 25/11/16

The studio here is a very cosy place to come on a Winter evening - warm, friendly and fun - you will be looked after and educated about your personal fitness/posture during the class so book now to try your first class free 07933 911522.

Please let me know if I can of any help with your quest for eternal fitness, and follow my Blog here
Your Pelvic Floor
Last Saturday I attended a course with local physiotherapist Cameron Angus and some other Pilates instructors to have a close look (literally - see photo!) at the male and female pelvic floor.

Some of this was new knowledge and some of it merely a refresher but it was good to go through it all thoroughly and make sure my learning is up to date.

There are many exercises we do in Pilates that help to strengthen the Pelvic Floor, but sometimes it is over active rather than under and this can bring it's own problems.
Did you know that having a 6 pack, where your Rectus Abdominus muscles are too defined and switched on can put pressure on the Pelvic Floor causing it to be ineffective?

Remember the body works as a kinetic chain of motion and it's impossible to work muscles in isolation.

If a muscle is tight, weak, or overused this can put everything out of alignment.
If your Pelvic floor is weak and you leak it probably affects your other passages too - if you have a strong pelvic floor you might be constipated - it's a figure of 8 in us females.

Loose hamstrings and a hollow back or Lordosis can also affect the efficiency of your Pelvic Floor.

The best exercises really are the Kegel exercises ( imagine you're trying to stop yourself going to the toilet) but you need to do them daily and draw in from the back passage first then up to the front.
You must also do some fast and some slow contractions until you can't do any more.
Please ask me during the class if you want to ask any questions or call 07933 911522




   Member of the Month
This time it's Men on Mats die-hard Fergus McNicol who has been coming to Pilates for around 6 years.
Why do you come to Stirling Fitness?
My wife introduced me to Elaine's Pilates class about 5 years ago. I was sceptical to begin with but quickly realised I was challenging muscles and areas that are not normally challenged with other forms of exercise or sport.
 Why do you do Pilates? 
I was having some lower back pain when standing for long periods  and found Pilates has strengthened my core area, greatly improving my back. I also find Pilates a great form of all over workout whilst also improving posture and flexibility which has benefits in everyday life.
 What do you like about your class?
 The small class groups ensure Elaine can pay attention to everybody. Everybody can work at their own pace...although no pain no gain!
 What changes have you seen since starting? 
My core strength has improved, I also feel more aware of my posture and try and maintain good posture throughout the day.
What is your favourite exercise?
I like the chest press and also the more relaxing mobility exercises.
Least Favourite?
The 'air cycling' (back lying spinning lol), especially with Elaine's 'long minutes'( - inaccurate timing suggested here?!)
What are your fitness goals?
To at least maintain my current fitness level but ultimately to improve my flexibility and stamina.

Thanks Fergus love having you in the class!

If you would like to be Member of the Month give me a call 07933 911522

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