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Last chance to get your FREE class!
This week is the last week of Pilates and fitness classes for most until August 1 2016 so book before Friday to get your FREE class off your next block.
There are however Pilates classes next Monday 27/6/16 10am and Tuesday 28/6/16 at 7pm and 8.15pm.
Have a great Summer and join me on Facebook to practise some of the basic back and core exercises during July
Happy Summer!
This is officially the last week of this fitness course however there are some classes on Monday and Tuesday next week (10am Monday, 7pm and 8.15pm Tuesday)

Once again we've had a great session and thank you to all for coming and investing in your fitness with me.

I am around in July for 1-2-1 training - in fact this week has
seen a surge of fatburning/weight loss bookings so I think I'm going to be quite busy.

I'm lucky enough to be spending some time in Newcastle with my family and  have also booked a week in the sun with my kids, so this will give me some time and inspiration to plan my classes for next session.

I'm very excited about Barre Fitness starting in September (see next column) and am going to be working with my daughter Amy (ballet dancer) in planning these fun and innovative classes.
It doesn't take much for my own experience in ballet training to come flooding back as I'm placed at the barre!
My 'try it' class is on Wednesday September 7 2016 £10. BOOK NOW 4 spaces left!

I am really looking to take everyone's fitness forward next session as I too move forward with mine. I know some of you have recently taken up running and I have been amazed at the efforts many of you have made with increasing the load of your Power Bags and hand weights in classes.

The Thursday night class is going to become more strength based with a longer resistance section and less impact work as many of you have joint problems and too much high impact work is not good.
You can  still work hard and get fit aerobically without stressing the joints.
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Crash Fitness Course
I am running this for 3 weeks 1/8/16-21/8/16 and you need to commit to 3 fitness sessions per week for 3 weeks, for a great kick start to your fitness.
You select your classes in advance and can choose from Pilates, Fitness Yoga, Fatburning and possibly an outdoor running/walking group.
This is great value and works out at £5 a class but book NOW as I have limited space 07933 911522 £45

Barre Fitness
I am delighted to be starting Barre Fitness classes in September and indeed am one of the first instructors to do this in Scotland.
Barre Fitness is mainly ballet based and offers a full all round workout - some barre work which is great for flexibility and balance - a full blown cardiovascular or fatburning workout in the centre, followed by a long stretch/strength session on the mats.
This is great fun and different to any workout I have ever done - if you did ballet as a kid it will take you back there as you plie and fondu at the barre, and glisse and pas de chat across the studio.
And we even have ballet tinkly piano music!
But you don't have to have done ballet before - the moves are very simple to pick up and understand.
This really is pure escapism into a world away from the gym and the bootcamp, giving you some fantastic health related benefits.

BOOK trial class NOW 7/9/16 6pm £10 07933 911522


   Member of the Month
This month it's Steve Barton (47)  who has been coming to the Circuits class at Stirling Fitness for 3 years.

Why do you come to Stirling Fitness?
To counteract the effects of advancing middle age!

What do you like about your class?
Good balance of activity, friendly atmosphere.

What changes have you seen since starting?
Improved overall fitness and ability to touch my toes for the first time in many years!

What is your favourite exercise?
Anything upper body orientated (in Circuits we use hand weights and Power Bags filled with sand that challenge the upper body and strengthen the back).

Least favourite?
Long Jumps (this is like a jumping squat across the studio. It's great for power and upper leg strength and I usually throw this in to the class at 3 stages as it is so demanding).

What are your fitness goals for 2016?
To be fit enough to survive (and even enjoy) the various cycling challenges/events I have stupidly agreed to take part in! 

I know the feeling Steve thanks!

If you would like to be 'Member of the Month' next time please let me know.

Business Networking in Stirling
Next Wednesday is the last lunchtime networking event until August so come along and tell us about your business and what you do.
It's only £7 including lunch - book here on Eventbrite


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