Fitness classes start next week!
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Pilates classes start next week!

All fitness classes start next week and you can choose from Pilates, High Intensity Circuits, Fitness Yoga and Barre.
The classes are taught in small groups of 8-10 so you get a really personal, effective and interactive session.
If however you prefer learning on a 1-2-1 basis let me know 07933 911522

Happy New Year!

Hello from Fuerteventura where I am planning my next session of Pilates and fitness classes for 2017.
This has become a bit of a habit for me - a kind of office in the sun where I can get away from my normal environment and really get creative and energized.
It's also a perfect opportunity to exercise outdoors - long runs along the beach and practicing Pilates with a sea view.

I love New Year - it really is the time for reinvention which is what my business is all about.

And your reinvention starts on the inside with your fitness.

If you are not fit and healthy how can you possibly be the best version of you?

Come and try a class this session and experience exercising in a cosy boutique studio where you will get personal instruction and will know for sure if you are doing the exercises correctly or not.

I have been working on some new functional strength and stretching exercises, taking the best from yoga, ballet and old school fitness.
This really is what functional fitness is all about - being open minded and receptive to change, provided it is safe and effective to do so.

I am moving forward with my ballet based Barre Fitness class this session and have been working on some new exercises both at the barre and in the centre - we even have a couple of sequences! 
This class really offers a very new approach to fitness, combining the best from ballet, yoga and pilates with a cardio or fatburning section in the middle.
If you're short of time it's ideal - cramming 3 classes into one and all in  45 minutes.
Wednesdays 6-6.45pm 5 week course 11/1/17-9/2/17 £50
 Call NOW for more information 07933 911522 or
Fitness - it's all in the Planning

It really is - fail to plan, plan to fail.

I have met so many people recently who just give excuse after excuse for not keeping fit and I'm not sure they really want to.

This just doesn't apply to fitness though. I hear it from people who keep saying year after year they want a change - a new job, to travel, to live abroad, to earn more money - but they have no plan in place!

If you keep doing the same things you will get the same results - you have to step away and look at your life objectively and take the plunge.
If you are risk averse you won't get anywhere - nobody got to the top of the mountain by taking the easy path.

You have to be prepared to work hard and feel out of your comfort zone.
And it's the same with exercise.

I'm very lucky that I was brought up in a keep fit family and know nothing else - but when my Dad started running 60 years ago he was told he was stupid, weird and would die early of a heart attack! He's now 85 and walks a mile every day with no joint or heart problems to speak of!
So he had to overcome this adversity from others to follow his gut and self-belief to do something he loved and was very good at.

You know yourself if there is something you really want, that is really important you will move heaven and earth to get it. Do you really want to be fit, look younger, live longer and without pain/illness?

This is not a rehearsal this is real life - your life - so please make time and invest in your health.
So plan how you are going to get fitter/slimmer over the next 3 months.
Write it down - it will have more impact on your commitment.
You only need to commit to 2 fitness sessions per week to make a huge difference.
Give me a call if you need my help 07933 911522
Member of the Month
This time it's Jennifer Dent who has been coming to Stirling Fitness for almost a year.
Why do you come to Stirling Fitness?
I discovered Stirling Fitness through a friend initially but after meeting Elaine, decided to sign up for pilates classes. I've found that the classes are a great way to keep fit and are also fun

. What do you like about your PT sessions?
I enjoy the variety of exercises and I find that my motivation increases and I've also come on well in terms of general fitness levels. Elaine is very supportive and has a great approach.

What do you like about your classes?
I like the variety of classes on offer. I've attended pilates but also circuits and bar dance. It's lovely to undertake exercise within a small group and get the chance to try new things.

What changes /improvements have you seen since starting?
I've seen significant changes in terms of my attitude towards exercise, now feeling more motivated, and also my general fitness levels have improved.

What is your favourite exercise?
I enjoy running and pilates.

Least favourite?
Jennifer doesn't have one! This is a first - obviously why you are here so much!

What are your fitness goals for 2017?
Become more focused and to continue to develop my strength and fitness.

Thanks Jen. I have loved meeting with you and helping you with your fitness.
Jennifer has a very young son and the last year has been about adapting to the huge changes that childbirth and being a new Mum brings and getting back on the treadmill of fitness.
Well done!

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