HAS Newsletter - March, April 2017
Greetings from Humane Animal Society!
The past two months were truly an action-packed month for team HAS, with ARV (anti-rabies vaccination) drives conducted, some stupendous rescues, HAWO (Honorary Animal Welfare Officer) training, new members of staff welcomed to the fold, overseas volunteers visiting, puppies galore and much, much more! Read on to update yourself on all our latest news and activities, and find out more about how you can help our cause!
HAWO Training at Bangalore 
The world is coming up with new ways of exploitation of animals as we speak! The laws can't be that weak? Many of us have been conditioned to think that most of this cruelty is perfectly normal and okay, while a majority are not aware of the laws that are underlined in the Indian Constitution against various cruelty imposed on animals day in day out. We, as animal welfare activists desperately need know-how and expert advice on how to tackle this cruelty by its root. This was the birth of the concept of the HAWO training programs. This year, it was made possible by CARE Trust Bellary who hosted the training at Bangalore. The HAWO (Honorary Animal Welfare Officer) program is a two-day intensive workshop which takes the participants through the entire legal plot regarding various animal rights available in the constitution. The event witnessed prominent speakers explaining the various common problems faced by the animals and the legal methodology of tackling it. 90 odd participants from all over India with a background in animal welfare participated; among who were our very own HAS volunteers – Sridhar Balasubramaniam, Rhea Nair, Madhurii Aakula and Manoj Krishna Kumar representing Coimbatore. Our existing HAWO Aravindan Gv supported the training by volunteering. It was indeed an eye-opening experience for them as they learnt about the expanse of cruelties that animals face every single day – however, learning about the laws gave them a ray of hope to help the voiceless in a much better way. Follow the official twitter handle of HAWO Bangalore 2017 to keep up with their work - @hawo_kk
The weather might be dry and hot, but it’s raining puppies at our shelter!

Our shelter facility at Seeranaickenpalayam is often fit to bursting with sick and/or injured puppies, and the flow of orphaned fur babies never seems to cease. As each little darling gets better with treatment (and the majority thankfully do), it becomes a desperate struggle to find homes for them, and usually for the following reasons. Often, folks arrive seeking only male puppies or pedigree’s, both of which are in short supply. Male puppies are frequently lifted from litters on the streets and so it is usually females that are brought to us. As for pedigree puppies, well you won’t find any of those on the streets, as many heartless pet owners will buy from breeders and wait until the animal is sick or elderly before dumping them on the streets. We know that not all pet owners behave in this heinous manner, but sadly many do, and we strongly condemn the dumping of any sick or injured animal, whether a pedigree breed or native.
This is the harsh reality that we are faced with in our city today, and if you don’t like what you are reading, then why not take a step towards changing hearts and minds by adopting (or fostering) one of our adorable and loving little lady pups? Help us to show others that female puppies are no different from their male counterparts, and that it is personality that counts.Once spayed (a service which we provide for free when the puppy is between 5 and 6 months old), your little female pup will never surprise you with an unwanted litter, and may even be healthier all round as a result. Male and female puppies can be equally as loving, equally as playful, and equally as obedient, so let yourself fall in love with one, without considering their gender first.

Every single puppy adopted from either one of our facilities will receive free veterinary health care and advice for the rest of the pets’ life, and the love that you will receive from that puppy in return, will last you their lifetime too. So please, come forward and take one of our precious puppies’ home with you today, or spread the word among your friends and family, and encourage them to be ambassadors for love and equality in the puppy world! These are some of the beautiful puppies who are desperately looking for forever homes. Kindly spread word among your friends and family and help these pups to a better life. Please find the entire list here.
Going the Vegan Way!

Second Edition of the Vegan Potluck 

After the very successful first edition of the vegan potluck, we couldn't wait to host the second one! We chose to hold this one at the serene outskirts of Coimbatore at the Mahasaivam Vegan Ashram - a refreshingly beautiful farmhouse owned by one of our ardent volunteers Brahmaprakasam. The afternoon saw close to 20 members - who brought a variety of vegan dishes which included Fresh Fruits, Millets, Coconut Rice, Pudina Rice, Tomato Rice, Soy Curd Rice, Mushroom Duplex, German Potato Salad, Candied Peanuts, Green Peas Gravy, Garlic Gravy and the best of all, the special Vegan Blueberry Cake! The ashram was very thoughtfully designed by Brahmaprakasam completed with eco-friendly cutlery, wooden wind chimes, waste segregating recycle bins and strictly vegan products. To top the experience of the  lush green flora and the yummy food was a special session of a group of experts - Krishna Sundarraj and his team from on compassion fatigue.

Food is the fastest way to start a conversation and what could be better than delicious vegan food! Potlucks truly help people get along faster. It is the best way to show people how good vegan food can be, talk about the various things we all deal with in life as animal lovers and activists. We call everybody to join us every month for these potlucks - we ensure a productive Sunday afternoon for you! 

Humane Education Sessions for the month!

Rendezvous with Animal Welfare Club of PSG Tech 

It was a lovely morning, and we were expecting young adults from the PSG College of Technology at our Seeranaikanpalayam Corporation Street Dog Sterilization Centre. The students were a part of the Animal Welfare Club of the college. The Atmosphere was so conducive and in tune with our agenda as we were seated amidst nature, with birds chirping and dogs roaming around freely.  Since the students were already a part of the animal welfare club they were all compassionate beings and could connect more to nature and the animals. We went through the whole presentation of the 5 Basic freedoms, Veganism, Slaughter Industry, Dairy Industry, Poultry Farming, Importance of ABC, Waste Management. They were also shown the video of “where our food comes from?”
In the interactive session, the students shared their own personal experiences on the various points we had discussed. They learnt that it is our conditioning over the years that has made us believe that Cow’s milk is a very essential part of our diet. We threw some light on the alternatives to dairy and about the ill effects of the same. We discussed how a radical change is not sustainable but only small steps will bring a change in the Live’s of Animals and in turn will bring about changes in the Environment. One of the students shared his transformation from being a hard core Meat Eater to a vegetarian after joining the Animal Welfare Club. And one of them was happy to be at the centre as she had adopted a dog from here. Even animals have a right to stay in a clean environment, right? So after the presentation, the students volunteered at the centre by cleaning up the surroundings near the shelters and left with a lot of things to ponder over.

Where Knowledge Meets Innocence!

It’s good to catch children at a very young age.  A small school by the name Vanavil graciously welcomed us to their campus to create awareness among the children. The children were in the age group of 2.5 – 4 years. It’s a natural tendency for children at this age to be jittery and easily distracted. But when they sat for the presentation, they got involved in it completely. They were interactive by asking questions as well as sharing their knowledge about animals with whom they might have interacted directly or indirectly. We took two puppies, for them to interact with. It was a first experience for many. They were excited to touch them, pet them and play with them. Seeing the adults carrying puppies they wished to do the same. And when they were allowed to do so (with Adult supervision), their excitement levels knew no bounds. Like all children, they too expressed their happiness through squeals and loud giggles, which scared the puppies. However, once we explained to them that they need to be a little quiet and gentle around animals; they immediately understood and made the necessary changes. With this change in behavior they found that the puppies were a lot more comfortable and friendly with them. This is what we wish to target and we achieved it in a very small way. The staff at Vanavil too were very happy with this program. They saw a different side of many of their children. They never expected their students to be so interactive, receptive and understanding. All in all, it was a wonderful experience for the children, the staff and the volunteers of HAS.

At a second occasion, Team HAS, led by the passionate and dynamic, Heena Acharya, conducted a ‘Humane Education’ session for the kids and adults at Kids Zone in Coimbatore’s Gujarati Samaj this April, and the response was incredibly positive. The conversation was based around making compassionate lifestyle choices in our daily lives, to help prevent or minimise the risk of cruelty to animals, with a vegan diet being one of the healthiest ways to promote this. Our audience was highly receptive to what may have been a new concept to many, and we’re hopeful that we have helped open their eyes to the suffering that many animals endure, simply to please us humans.

Should you be interested in Team HAS visiting your community or workplace to talk about any issues related to the welfare of animals, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll work together to arrange this.

Success Stories of Smarty, Sandy and Laddoo!
Smarty, Sandy and Laddoo are 3 furry beauties who despite not having the best starts in life, went on to be found and supported by some of our most ardent and popular volunteers, Sridhar Balasubramaniam, Hemalatha Bhandari and family and Madhurii Aakula. While these friends of team HAS were not able to adopt the animals, they went above and beyond their duty of care to look after them and help us find them homes, and we’re delighted to say that all 3 are now living the lives that they truly deserve.

Smarty has been adopted by the same wonderful family who recently adopted another dog from us, Sandy was scooped up and whisked away by a young couple who fell in love with her at the shelter and as for Laddoo, it was love at first sight for his adopters who live close to Madhuri’s (Laddoo’s Rescuer) residence, so she could always drop by when she missed him!
Thank you to everyone who played a part in changing the lives of these three innocent, abandoned souls, and we hope that we will be blessed with your continued support for many years to come.


Two Tails of Injury and Abandonment
Little sweetheart Rosie was discovered with a badly crushed paw at Coimbatore railway station, and after a combined effort from local and passionate animal lovers, she was brought to the clinic for treatment. Highly affectionate and a big fan of tummy rubs, Rosie is now on the road to recovery, and once she is fully healed, she will be available for adoption…form an orderly queue please! Our heartfelt thanks go out to those who cared enough to get help for Rosie, and we are privileged to be a part of her ongoing treatment and recovery.
Handsome and loving Mani was unfortunate to be dumped on the roadside by his supposed owners, but was fortunate enough to be spotted by one of our longest serving volunteers, Dhaval Momaya, who witnessed the upsetting event in its entirety. Poor Mani was left hurt and confused by the side of the road, and even tried to chase after the car, which of course, went on its merry way. Our volunteer knew he couldn’t leave the dog to suffer – especially as he noticed that it had some gait issues as it ran - and so he stopped his own car and set off after him. Quickly gaining the dogs trust (which was simple as Mani is such a friendly boy!), he brought him to the clinic for a health check-up. Abandoning a pet – whether due to illness, old age or a change in circumstances – is an act of cruelty, and can be incredibly damaging and traumatic for the animal. There is always a solution to every problem, and while we understand that in some extreme circumstances, a pet may need to be re-homed, dumping them on the streets is not an acceptable solution and we will not sympathize with anyone who carries out this act without seeking help first.

Rescued from the Deepest, Darkest Depths!
We have no idea how this poor dog got herself stuck in a 150 foot well in Thirumagal Nagar, Peelamedu, but after concerned local folk spotted the dog and called us up, we knew we had to get her out of there as soon as possible, and pray that she wasn’t injured. A rescue was quickly coordinated between our team and members of fellow NGO’s Voice of Animals and the Round Table 31, and we all rushed to the scene. Reaching the bottom of the well proved difficult, but eventually a brave volunteer from Voice of Animals descended to the depths on a rope and managed to get the frightened dog into a basket to be pulled up. Experienced veterinarian Dr Shameena examined the pooch and declared her fit and healthy, miraculously! Local folk are monitoring the dog and will let us know if there is any change in her condition.

This rescue was made easier with the help of other organisations, and we’re grateful to everybody who cared enough to find a solution to help save the life of this dog.
Ravi Finds His Saviour!

HAS’s very own program manager, Alphonse Xavier, was travelling with his brother, Christopher Prince, when they spotted an injured dog under a car in RS Puram. They saw that there were, in fact, several dogs with old injuries and disabilities all coexisting peacefully together, seemingly gaining comfort from their shared woes, and all of whom had been sterilized. After offering biscuits to the motley gang, the brothers noticed that one dog wasn’t responding, and had a badly injured foreleg. As all dogs were docile and friendly, Alphonse managed to lift the injured dog into his car to take him to the shelter, where Dr Raja confirmed that ‘Ravi’ had a fractured foreleg, probably the result of a road traffic accident. Watch Ravi's Story HERE

Ravi is one of our friendliest residents and wags his tail nonstop, but he will be even happier when he can be reunited with his pals on the street, and as soon as his fracture has healed, that’s exactly what will happen. Please help us to help more injured dogs like Ravi, by contributing whatever you can.

Welcoming the bright new members of Team HAS

You can never have too many vets at a veterinary facility, and we are proud to say that we currently have 3! While one (Dr Shameena) will be leaving us soon to pursue her career in pastures new, Dr Raja and Dr Jisna are staying put, and despite having joined us only recently, they have already begun putting their experiences, skills and knowledge to good use and we are looking forward to a bright future together.

Dr Raja has previous experience of working in a rescue facility, and while Dr Jisna has not, she has proved eager and quick to learn, and combined, their dedication and compassion makes them a force to be reckoned with! We have also welcomed another new face to the HAS team recently, Kala, and she is proving to be a great help at the shelter. With so many sick and injured puppies brought to us every day, we wanted to ensure that each one gets as much individual care while with us, as is possible, and so we sought out a surrogate mother for them all! Kala tends to their daily needs, such as changing their bedding, emptying litter trays, ensuring that puppies receive nutritious food and generally keeping an eye on their welfare.  

Shelters can be tough environments to work in, and many of our staff put in long hours. We’re sure that most of them also take at least a small part of their work home with them each evening, so please join us in showing your appreciation for the entire team, new members and old (figuratively speaking!) and help us to welcome both new veterinary doctors to the fold.

Summer is upon Us and Water is a Scarcity
As temperatures soar, and clean, fresh water is hard to find, many animals have nowhere to quench their thirst, and some will even die of dehydration. One simple act of kindness could provide relief for many parched souls, and by placing a heavy pot in a good location and filling it daily with clean water, you could help save the lives of a whole variety of animals and birds. If you see an animal who may need more than a drink of water to help it on its way, please get in touch with a member of our team, and together we may be able to save its life.

Welcoming New Faces to the Shelter

On Sunday the 16th April, some familiar faces at the shelter were joined by a few new ones, including Priyanka Joshi and young ones Ayesha and Uday. Aravindan, Rahul Nair, Keerthana and Shruti Suresh are regular volunteers and so quickly got on with a few activities such as painting and dog walking, while we gave our new volunteers the grand tour! Together, this fabulous little group of dedicated animal lovers helped in a big way, not only with painting, but with helping to keep the spirits of our four (and 3) legged residents up. Every time we have a group of volunteers visiting, it helps to make the shelter a place of warmth, kindness and compassion, and we welcome all volunteers with open arms and paws!
The last day of April saw more volunteers joining us for a few hours, and once again, the shelter became a love and fun filled place! There were some familiar faces, such as Dhaval, Vaishnavee, Aravindan, Kiruthika and Abilash Peter helping, and they were joined by our new volunteer Jawahar Damodharan and his compassionate kids, Harini and Harish, not to mention our volunteers Maria, Tara and Bony who have joined us as part of the scheme. It was wonderful to have so many pairs of helping hands, and we spent time socialising the puppies, walking the dogs and even doing some creative painting. Some of our teenage girls also received their weekly baths, and long term volunteer Dhaval treated every dog by adding ice cubes to their water bowls; some of our younger residents enjoyed cooling their paws in the icy water!

At HAS, we firmly believe that creating a positive and love filled atmosphere for our resident animals, can make the world of difference to their recovery, and for our younger four legged residents who have often had miserable starts to their little lives, it’s important that they’re able to have some fun too! Please continue to show your love and support for the needy animals at the shelter by becoming a regular visitor, and help us to show these guys and gals that life really is worth living.
Help and Happiness from Overseas!
We have recently been fortunate enough to welcome several overseas volunteers who have joined us from the Workaway scheme, including Ann from France, and Alan, Emily and Tara, all the way from the UK. All 4 volunteers have been tremendously helpful during their time with us at both of our facilities, and have carried out some much-needed maintenance work, helped us bathe many of the dogs with skin conditions and generally showered all our animals with love and compassion. Their determination to make as much of a difference to the lives of the needy animals during their time with us, did not go unnoticed, and we are extremely grateful for their help and support. We hope that they will continue to follow our activities from wherever they next find themselves in the world, and will look back fondly on their time with us. We of course welcome home grown volunteers, too, so if you live locally and have a lot of love to give to animals in need, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team and we will let our furry residents know that a new friend is on their way! 

"My Experience at HAS"


We are an English couple who are spending 6 months travelling around South India. We came across HAS on the WorkAway website, a volunteer placement site which we had been using all across India to help us find interesting new experiences and to get well and truly off the tourist trail. The HAS WorkAway listing immediately caught our eye – in fact, I remember sitting in a WiFi café somewhere in Karnataka and flagging it as one of our favourites, and then being really surprised and pleased that they actually had space for us to come and volunteer there! From the moment we arrived in India, it was apparent that there is an enormous problem with the sheer number of stray animals, mostly dogs, who are often hungry, mistrusted and mistreated. I was mostly attracted to HAS by the fact that they don’t just treat the symptoms of this problem – they also aim to address the root cause, through their sterilisation program and their various education and outreach activities. Sterilisation is so important for the street dogs: for every dog which gets sterilised, this could be a huge number of puppies who will never have to experience a life of hardship, illness and hunger. HAS has two sites – a Shelter in Coimbatore city, and a farm in the countryside.

We first started working at the Shelter, and despite their enormous workload, the welcome we received from the vets and from the owner was probably the friendliest of all our volunteer placements so far. We felt instantly welcome and were made to feel like we were valuable to the organisation, which must actually be quite difficult to do for volunteers who have just arrived and have relatively little experience of working with animals. We spent most of our time at the Shelter bathing and de-ticking the dogs; many of the dogs have mange, and need bathing and treating every week to get rid of the mites which cause it. It’s an incredibly rewarding process – many times, dogs which had been terrified of being handled and hated the water, and which growled, whined and wriggled throughout the entire process, would run up to us the next day as if we had been their best friends for life! It was also amazing to see the condition of the dogs improving over the few weeks we spent there.

One dog who I bathed had the loveliest soft thick black fur, yet when I went to update her case notes, her description on arrival at the Shelter read “almost furless”. Being brought to the Shelter clearly made such a difference to this sick dog’s life, and by the time we left she was ready for release. There are few greater gifts in life than to gain the trust of an animal. My partner spent time every day sitting with one of the most scared and aggressive inhabitants of the Shelter, a dog called Henry who had recently lost the use of his back legs and was still coming to terms with his new disability. Over the course of many days (and many packets of biscuits!), they became close friends, and the dog which had originally growled every time someone came near his enclosure would sit quite happily at my partner’s feet.

My personal favourite was a pooch called Coffee, who was friendly but seriously nervous. After a few weeks at the Shelter, she was free of mange and was well enough for us to move her to the Sanctuary, but at first when she reached the farm I was so worried about her, because she would follow me everywhere I went (even to the toilet!), and I hated leaving her every time I went home for the evening. But she gradually found her confidence and started making friends with the other dogs at the farm, and clearly started enjoying her new-found freedom of space to run around in. By the time we left to continue our travels, she was healthy, putting on weight and playing with the other dogs, and I’m she will be very happy there. It is to the enormous credit to Mini and the vets for their continued determination and hard work in the face of such an enormous task. Every animal is just one drop in a big ocean; yet I felt that in Coimbatore at least, over the years HAS has somehow managed to make quite a significant difference. There are hundreds of dogs out there who are now sterilised, vaccinated and healthy thanks to the tireless efforts of the vets and staff in that shelter. And just as importantly, maybe there are now many people in Coimbatore who will think twice before ignoring (or kicking!) a stray dog or cat in need of medical treatment, thanks to all their outreach work with the local communities. We left Tamil Nadu with really fond memories of all the people and animals we met at HAS, and hope very much to return one day. I wonder if Coffee would remember me…!

Do you have an interesting experience to share with us? It could anything from an animal rescue to fostering, or simply a message you would like to share about animals. Write to us now at, and we will get your experience across to hundreds of other animal lovers. Use this opportunity to tell the tale everybody would love to listen!




We are always on the lookout for new volunteers! Here are all the ways you can help us help our furry friends, Volunteer for HAS
  • Volunteer for adoption camps 
  • Volunteer for other activities at the shelter 
  • Write for us, or design for us! 
  • Help with our Humane Education Program 
  • Foster 
  • Adopt
  • Sterilisation and vaccination
  • Spread awareness
We rely on kindhearted souls like you to keep our work going. We depend on donations both kind and cash for the general functioning and upkeep of the shelter, including but not limited to
  • Running expenses of the shelter
  • Food for the animals
  • Salary of staff
  • Accessories like leashes, chains, muzzles etc.
  • Medicines, vitamins, etc., for the animals
  • Old newspapers
  • Ration rice
Donations can be made by crossed cheque/ DD in the name of Humane Animal Society (HAS), No. 35, Cooperative Colony, Perks Arch Road, Uppilipalayam. Coimbatore 641015. Contributions may also be transferred online to IDBI Bank, Coimbatore Branch, payable to Humane Animal Society, Savings Account No: 006104000125635, IFSC Code: IBKL0000006. Donate to HAS

All donations are tax-exempt under section 80G of the IT Act. 
Lastly, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to those who made all this possible.
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