HAS Newsletter - June, July & August 2016

Greetings from Humane Animal Society!

             The past three months have been bustling with activity, and we can't wait to share the buzz with you in this combined edition for June, July & August!
We had some greatly appreciated help from our overseas volunteers: Max (from France), Julia and Tomas (from Austria) and Ewart (from Scotland), who with their contagious zeal and passion for animal welfare, did everything they could for our fur-buddies, during their time here in the city. We also welcomed few special members into our HAS Family.

These months also saw some challenging rescues, dangerous and laborious surgeries, and an overwhelming number of adoptions of rescue animals both young and older - we really did have it all…read on to know more!!

A Big Shout Out to Our Amazing Overseas Volunteers! 


Max, Julia and Tomas were part of the workaway program, that enables safe exchanges between budget travellers wishing to seek new cultural experiences, and organisations or individuals searching for help with a wide range of interesting and educational activities.    

Max hails from France and has been traveling throughout India for the past year. He has a passion for animals and nature, and enjoys nothing more than experiencing new cultures and engaging with people from all walks of life. Max was with us at the HAS sanctuary in Vazhukkupparai during the month of June. He had been working hard alongside our staff, doing everything from gardening to painting and spending quality time with the animals there. When you visit the sanctuary (which you really should if you haven’t already!), you will see that all of the kennels have been given a fresh coat of paint, courtesy of Max! Julia and Tomas are from Austria and have always been bitten by the travel bug. Their desire to live and work in different parts of the world is what led them to visit India and their love for animals eventually brought them to us in the month of July. They share their experience further down in this newsletter.

Scotsman Ewart paid us a visit in August, after hearing about HAS through a close friend of his who is actively involved not only with us, but with animal welfare in general. Cheerful chappy Ewart is perhaps something of an exception to the norm, and for that we are incredibly grateful! Ewart’s idea of a fortnights’ vacation, was to travel to a country that he loves, and combine his visit with volunteering with animals; something that we know takes a special kind of selfless person to commit to. A self-confessed dog lover, he was keen not only to spend time with the animals at our shelter, but to make himself useful too, and he quickly set about putting his DIY skills to good use! Working alongside our small team, he gave many parts of the shelter a facelift by painting them in bright, cheerful colours, not to mention fixing various things and organising and tidying up the whole place. Not one for standing around idle, Ewart was continually working and the staff enjoyed helping him when they had finished their other duties. He is a great team player and his wonderful bonhomie and camaraderie were utterly infectious!

We had a wonderful time with Max, Julia, Tomas & Ewart. We are always looking for new volunteers to help us; not only do the animals get something from it, but we can learn a lot from the volunteers too. So, many many thanks for your help dear volunteers for all of the work that you put in and for making our shelter and sanctuary a fun place for our furry companions!!

Tryst with Thirst

Summer is a harsh time of year for most of us, and with recent shifting weather patterns  seeing a boost in temperatures, the extreme heat has become a real life and death issue for all animals, from cats and dogs on the streets to roaming livestock.

Here at Team HAS, we vowed to try and do at least something to help the thirsty, dehydrated animals, and we found a temporary solution for them in the form of concrete water bowls.  These were given to several people to place outside their properties or in the streets in their vicinity, and their kindness and empathy ensured that the bowls were kept topped up with fresh water as and when needed. This small, generous but affordable act, had amazing results, and we are certain that we helped to relieve the suffering of many local animals.
If you would like to help animals during periods of intense heat, please do contact us and we’ll be happy to give you some advice and guidance. 

Animal Lovers' Meet


Team HAS conducted a community awareness program in Kovaipudur; informing local residents about how to effectively manage the street dog population, and informing them about diseases such as Rabies and how to keep it under control. The importance of being a part of the solution to these problems, was something that was emphasised at the meeting, and the merits of adopting dogs rather than buying them from breeders, was discussed at length, too. 

Ramesh Chandran of Biobasics spoke on the merits of organic farming, and the many benefits of a plant-based diet to one’s health and general well-being. HAS and Bio-basics have had a longstanding partnership in promoting a sustainable lifestyle through the choices that we make when we buy our foods, and through our decision to always show compassion to others, whether it be farmers, our next door neighbours or the animals that we share this wonderful world with. This message was conveyed with great success at the meeting. For more information on BioBasics, check out HERE.


Ever Elusive Dream of Reviving SPCA in Coimbatore


A terribly injured pony was found suffering and in great pain by a compassionate passer-by. In a shocking but not uncommon example of cruelty and abandonment, the pony had been lying by the side of a busy road, unable to move, with not a single person even attempting to help until this kind hearted soul stepped in. With a horrible maggot wound near his hoof and several other serious wounds, we suspected that he had also been involved in a hit and run incident. When the compassionate individual called us and kindly offered to help in whatever way she could, we were able to rescue the pony and give her our best care at the clinic. While we don’t have the facilities to properly care for larger animals such as horses and cows, we did the best that we could, and gave the pony some relief from his suffering.

Sadly, despite showing signs of improvement during his stay with us, he passed away the next day. The only comfort we can find in this horrific situation, is that the pony didn’t die in pain by the side of the road, and that at least some members of the community refused to turn a blind eye to the suffering of our animals.

As you may or may not be aware, the SPCA is the only organization with the legal mandate to take punitive action against those who wilfully or unknowingly contribute to the suffering of animals, and who can effectively implement the Prevention of Cruelty against Animals Act. Unfortunately, the SPCA is now a defunct organization here in the city, and not a single meeting has taken place in at least the last decade. In recent years we have been campaigning to revive the SPCA in Coimbatore, and have sent many letters and emails to the Collector, even meeting face to face with the relevant people, but alas, no further action has been taken. A petition that we also recently raised, simply didn’t receive enough signatures, but without the SPCA, it is a cold hard fact that many animals will suffer unnecessarily, and as we are not equipped to rescue and assist larger animals, we are forced to watch them suffer in silence.

Please help us in our campaign to revive the SPCA in any way that you can, be it by emailing the District Collector, signing and sharing the petition or simply making others aware of the dangers that larger animals face in Coimbatore. You can also help by taking a photograph of any larger injured animal that you see on the street, and sending it to the District Collector, asking them to take action as soon as possible in order to prevent more and more needless suffering.

Adoptions Galore!


We had two adoption camps during this quarter. On the 3rd of July (Sunday), 46 pups (4M, 42F) and 7 kittens (3M, 4F) were adopted by loving families. Please view snapshots from the adoption camp HERE. On 28th August, we had another 35 adoptions –  33 pups (25F, 8M) and 2 male kittens. View more pictures HERE. It was so incredible to see a high percentage of female pets being adopted! Big thanks, as ever, go out to all of the staff, volunteers, foster parents and sponsors who always turn out in great numbers to help support the camps (or who help from behind the scenes), and their assistance and compassion is deeply appreciated. Vaccines make a huge difference for these orphaned pets and for each adoption camp, we spend at least INR 15000 for these life saving drugs. Our next camp is planned on the 16th of October. Kindly donate generously.

It is perhaps pertinent to mention here, the significance and importance of giving temporary foster homes to puppies seeking adoption. We at HAS are inundated with abandoned puppies every single week, whether they are collected by well-meaning folks who bring them to our shelter, or whether they’re simply dumped outside our gates. While our facility will never turn a puppy away, it is really not the best place for them to be, and every time you leave a puppy here, you are increasing the risk of them becoming sick and even dying. Not only are these puppies often tiny and malnourished, but their immune systems are simply not equipped to fight off illness and disease; while every attempt is made to ensure that they are kept away from the dogs who may be carrying transmittable diseases, in a busy facility such as ours, that isn’t always humanly possible. If the puppies require treatment, then of course they will receive the very best care and medical attention that we can give, and in those cases, the shelter is perhaps the best place for them. But for puppies with a clean bill of health, they desperately need the individual love and care of a foster home in order for them to thrive. Fostering a puppy/kitten is so rewarding, and you can’t imagine how much it means to the puppies themselves.  They are babies, essentially, and crave the care, attention and nourishment of a mother; since the mother is not in the picture, we can step up and offer our own love to them, instead. Even 1 week of good, home care can make a huge difference to an orphaned puppy, and they stand a much better chance of being adopted quickly if they are used to human contact and have been encouraged to thrive and develop their personalities.

At the moment, our team of foster parents is pitifully small, and every abandoned/orphaned puppy provides us with a real dilemma. If you are considering fostering, but have questions or concerns that you would like addressed, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will support you in whatever way we possibly can. Fostering need not be something that you commit to each month, but we are even struggling to find those folks who may be able to foster every now and then, or when their circumstances allow it.

Please consider being a lifeline to these tiny, desperate souls and we promise that you’ll get instant gratification and the long term rewards will know no bounds! Alternatively, if you think you may know of someone who can help out, then please share this information with them. Together we can help make a difference to the lives of abandoned puppies and kittens, and give them the love and care that we know they deserve.

A wonderful example of how you can be the change you want to see, is illustrated in this short film by Karthik Abiram. View the short film LIFE.

Our heartfelt thanks to you Karthik Abiram, for showing us all how simple it can be to offer a lifeline to abandoned animals; we thank you for your continued support and willingness to make a difference in this world. 
If this video has resonated with you, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to find out how you can do more to help our furry friends in the city.

Amazing Stories of Two Rescue Dogs

In cases like the following, the question is often that of ‘who rescues who?’, and either way, the answer is a heart-warming one! Jimmy and Daisy each have a story behind their rescues, and thankfully both stories have a happy ending. We are always buoyed by these examples of human compassion and the willingness of folks to see beyond the condition of a dog, to the heart and soul that lies within them.

Jimmy Boy!
An ardent supporter of HAS happened to be travelling by bus from Coimbatore one day, when he spotted a dejected golden retriever tied up in the searing heat of the midday sun, under a road sign near the town of Erode. Unable to act at the time, he hoped beyond hope that the poor dog would not be there the next day when he traveled back…but sadly, he was. As soon as he returned to Coimbatore, he got in touch with us to see if he could get our help to coordinate a rescue, or at least find out if the dog had been abandoned.
Thanks to another HAS supporter who happened to be living nearby, it was discovered that the dog was named Jimmy, and that he had in fact not been abandoned, but his owner had been tying him up near his place of work every day, with no access to water or shelter from the blazing sun. We were able to get the owners contact details, but unfortunately he simply never picked up, or returned, any of our calls, and so it was decided that a small team would drive out the next day to rescue the dog. Upon our arrival, Jimmy had been moved from his spot under the road sign, and was lying tied up to a dripping tap beside a building. With the cooperation of those who knew Jimmy, we untied him and made him comfortable in the car. He was in a pitiful state with a matted and filthy coat and he was also severely malnourished. Due to his condition, we assumed he was an elderly dog, so imagine our surprise when Dr Deepa examined him and found him to be less than 2 years old! Jimmy has a wonderful nature, and never once complained about anything; he leaped out of the car when we reached the shelter and proceeded to investigate his new temporary home! Throughout his time at the shelter, he truly won all of our hearts, and once he began to gain weight and receive the love and care that had been long overdue, his great character really shone through. To the joy of all of those involved in Jimmy’s rescue and subsequent care, he found a loving home with Lakshmi Subbramani and her family, who saw him and simply could not resist his charms! A massive thank you and millions of blessings to the person who brought Jimmy’s plight to our attention, to all of those who helped care for him during his stay at the shelter and to the wonderful family who have ensured that our Jimmy boy will never know suffering again.

Darling Daisy
Found by a compassionate pedestrian, little Daisy the Labrador pup had suffered a fractured limb due to a road traffic accident, and it was quickly discovered that she was also completely blind. She was rushed to our clinic facilities at Seeranaickenpalayam for treatment, and as she was also underweight, she remained there to regain her health and strength. She is an adorable little lady, and everybody involved in her rescue and subsequent treatment, wanted nothing more than to find her a kind and loving home. Despite being blind, dogs like Daisy are able to lead perfectly healthy and happy lives, and with the power of the sniff, nothing much gets past them! That said, life on the streets is a dangerous place for dogs with any kind of special needs, and they are always going to be safer and happier being cared for by kind humans. Luckily for darling Daisy, she won the heart of Prabha Basnet, and together with her family, they have given her the safety, comfort and boundless love that she will undoubtedly have been yearning for. We salute you and wish you a lifetime of warm blessings for your kindness and generosity, and also for showing others that puppies like Daisy can make great pets.

All's Well That Ends Well!


Animal welfare can be a tough field to work in sometimes; there are innumerable instances of animal cruelty and neglect to deal with on a daily basis, not to mention the heartbreak and frustration involved with rescuing sick and injured animals. But every once in a while, some instance comes along to help reassure you that all is not lost…this day was a prime example of this.

Spotted by some caring humans, a dog was struggling to give birth to her litter and so they did the only thing they could think of to do, and took her to a reputed veterinary clinic here in the city. An examination was performed and it was discovered that all of her pups had perished inside her. After extricating one of the puppies, the kind humans who had found her realised that they could not afford to pay for any more private treatment, and so the dog was referred here. When she was brought here, it was evident that the poor dog needed to have all of her still born pups removed in order to save her life, and Dr Deepa wasted no time in performing the emergency procedure.  With her skill and compassion – and the support of her team - Dr Deepa saved the precious life of this dog who had suffered immeasurably…we are so very proud of you all, and you definitely have our blessings!

Our life-saving work depends on your financial support. To help us to do more, donate today!


Shiny New Members of The HAS Team!

August has been a truly exciting month for Team HAS, as we welcomed several new members into our fold. This has enabled us to further strengthen and secure our vision of making this world a better one, for ourselves, our communities and all of the animals whom we strive to protect every day!

Dr Gomathi joined us on August 1st, as a resident veterinarian to team up with Dr Deepa. She has been quick to learn the ropes since then, and has succeeded in filling the void left by Dr. Chandrasekaran.

Our long-felt need for a Humane Education Officer was fulfilled when Kritika Chandra chucked in her corporate life, and chose a career in animal welfare! She will be responsible for conducting outreach programs based around animal welfare and how we can all do our bit to help, as well as spreading awareness about the impact of certain life-style choices that we make on a daily basis.

Rhea Nair is immensely creative and talented, and that, coupled with her determination to spread compassion and awareness wherever she goes, will undoubtedly see her scaling new heights at HAS; Rhea, we welcome you wholeheartedly! has been associated with HAS for several years as a volunteer, and so imagine our joy when she offered to take up the vital role of Communications Coordinator for HAS, that had been lying vacant for a while.

Kate Blanchard has been a familiar figure at our Seeranaickenpalayam facility, always ready to lend a helping hand and with a "never say no" attitude that has been quite contagious amongst our staff. A wonderful foster parent, she has also been instrumental in getting forever homes to several furry friends associated with HAS, over the past few months. A great team player, she now joins us as Volunteer Coordinator, and will continue to work with many of us providing the much needed support to carry out activities, both at the clinic as well as at the sanctuary.

Our heartfelt gratitude and sincere thanks to each one of you, and we hope that you enjoy your new roles and take our organization to new heights in the days, months and years to come!

Anti-Rabies Vaccination Drive

Our target of vaccinating over 400 dogs against Rabies was achieved during a two day vaccination camp, right here in the city. This was no mean feat and our most sincere thanks go to the 11 members of the WVS team from Ooty who helped us smash our targets!

Dear friends, please be as responsible as you can in playing a part towards eradicating Rabies by making sure that your pets are vaccinated, and any community pets, too. Not only is this the most effective way of protecting your pets and local animals from contracting the deadly virus, this is the best way to eliminate rabies in humans!

It’s true that Rabies is sadly not curable - but it is absolutely 100% preventable! If we all work together, I’m certain that we can make Coimbatore a Rabies-Free city.

Making Your Special Days Memorable!

Birthday celebrations are often momentous, joy filled occasions, and we at HAS, can think of no better way for you to spend your special day, than with the animals at our facilities. The furry guys and gals might not be so excited about your special day as you are, but they will certainly be excited to see you!

When best friends Miruddula Kalimuthu and Manjuladevi Ramasamy visited the shelter to spend time with the animals, it was actually a huge surprise for Miruddula, who had been clueless as to where her best friend was taking her for her birthday celebrations! Manjuladevi had also arranged for a donation to be made to HAS on behalf of her bestie, and they spent several joy filled hours petting the dogs and puppies and helping out at feeding time. Let’s wish Miruddula many happy returns and hope that her and her best friend choose to visit us again in the not too distant future; we know that the animals will be over the moon to see them any day of the year!

Ganesan Somasundaram really wanted to illustrate to his 8 year old daughter, Oviya, how it feels to show compassion towards needy animals. So he brought her to the shelter and along with the staff, he was able to show her what joy we can bring to the voiceless, and how showing a little love and kindness towards those less fortunate than ourselves, can go a long way. Little Oviva was overwhelmed, but learnt a valuable lesson that we’re sure she will carry with her at all times…hurrah! Ganesan also donated towards the everyday running of the shelter, and for both that and his visit, we are eternally grateful!

If you would like to share the joy of a special occasion or anniversary with our beloved furry friends at either of our HAS facilities, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will be happier to help than you can imagine!


"Our Experience at HAS"

First of all, we want to thank everyone involved in “Humane Animal Society“, for giving stray dogs and abandoned puppies a second chance. Through this organisation you show people, that a dog has a heart and soul and that they deserve a life in peace and not full of violence. Working with you showed us how important it is to give a better life to dogs or any other animal. Keep doing the good work – you are real angels <3

On our very first day, as we joined Team HAS at the shelter; we immediately loved being there. Most of the time we were socializing and training the puppies. We also spent some time with the “elder“ dogs, as they need a pat once in a while as well ;) We were helping in every possible way: socializing, helping the veterinarians, painting the kennels and doing some grooming work like removing ticks. We were very happy to help the animals in any way to make them feel comfortable. On the 3rd of July, it was a big day for all of us, especially for the puppies: The ADOPTION CAMP! What an emotional and successful day it was! It was a wonderful experience with over 50 pups and kittens being adopted. We really understood the meaning of the slogan ADOPT – DON´T SHOP!
Having a puppy is like having a child. It’s a lot of work, not just playing and feeding it. Some people are not aware of it and they think it is like bringing home a Christmas or birthday present“. As soon as they realize it’s not easy, they bring it back to the shelter, or even worse, just leave it on the street. This breaks our hearts the most! How can someone leave such a little soul alone on the street? Luckily “HAS” is doing their best to see if the families are ready for a dog before letting them adopt one. In between playing and socializing with the dogs, we even helped with painting the kennels with some other volunteers. It’s nice to see that once in a while people offer their free time to help the dogs. Big thanks to the many wonderful volunteers, for having a heart for animals.

In our third week of being with “HAS“, we spent a day at the sanctuary. It’s a huge farm, were dogs and even a horse are roaming freely, enjoying their life. It was so lovely to see, that animals live there in peace and harmony. So after a positively emotional three weeks stay with this organisation, we are very happy that we could help in every possible way and experience first-hand, what it means to give animals a better life. Again big thanks to all the staff at the shelter and sanctuary and all volunteers, for having such a big heart for those abandoned animals and offering your time, to make their lives happier. We definitely want to come back and help as much as we can. Continue your awesome work, as we really enjoyed being with the dogs. All of them have a special place in our hearts and we hope that more people start to appreciate a dog’s life like a human’s life.


- Julia & Tomas

Do you have an interesting experience to share with us? It could anything from an animal rescue to fostering, or simply a message you would like to share about animals. Write to us now at, and we will get your experience across to hundreds of other animal lovers. Use this opportunity to tell the tale everybody would love to listen!



We are always on the lookout for new volunteers! Here are all the ways you can help us help our furry friends:
  • Volunteer for adoption camps 
  • Volunteer for other activities at the shelter 
  • Write for us, or design for us! 
  • Help with our Humane Education Program 
  • Foster 
  • Adopt
  • Sterilisation and vaccination
  • Spread awareness
We rely on kindhearted souls like you to keep our work going. We depend on donations both kind and cash for the general functioning and upkeep of the shelter, including but not limited to
  • Running expenses of the shelter
  • Food for the animals
  • Salary of staff
  • Accessories like leashes, chains, muzzles etc.
  • Medicines, vitamins, etc., for the animals
  • Old newspapers
  • Ration rice
Donations can be made by crossed cheque/ DD in the name of Humane Animal Society (HAS), No. 35, Cooperative Colony, Perks Arch Road, Uppilipalayam. Coimbatore 641015. Contributions may also be transferred online to IDBI Bank, Coimbatore Branch, payable to Humane Animal Society, Savings Account No: 006104000125635, IFSC Code: IBKL0000006.

All donations are tax-exempt under section 80G of the IT Act. 
Lastly, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to those who made all this possible.
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