Call for the Santa Cruz Naraya: July 3-6, Indian Canyon, Hollister, CA
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Santa Cruz Naraya,
Dance for All People

Indian Canyon, July 3-6, 2014

The Vision

The breeze rustles the tender new growth of the plants. The waterfall moistens, then trickles, then flows, slowly filling the pool at which the ancestors of this land have drunk, uninterrupted, yet not forgotten. 

Let us re-member this land soft,
open, flowing.
A prayer for this land. 

Every step in love. Every step we take on this earth, let our feet fall on her with love. Every step we take in our lives, let it be done with love.

Every step in love.

The Call

With great gratitude to Clyde Hall, Shoshone/Metis Elder, the Santa Cruz Naraya Hosting Circle invites you to join us at Indian Canyon, Hollister, California, July 3-6, 2014. We call you to step into the sacred time and place of ceremony, into the vision of love informing our every step. Join us as we commune with the ancestors, the spirits of this place, and other dancers who have heard and heeded this Call. 

"What we do right now on this world, that's going to have an affect way, way, way far into the future for the better or the worse.  That's the reason why we are dancing this dance now, at this time, to help move that along, to help move that energy for the good and the better, so that we can continue, like this tree, from generation to generation."  (Clyde Hall, Shoshone/Metis Elder)


The Ceremony

The purpose of the present-day Dance is to honor and renew our relationship with the earth, the ancestors, and all beings through creating a common ground for all. Inspired by ancient Great Basin Plateau tribal traditions and originating in their ancestral Round Dance, with a return to the ancient songs, prayers, and offerings, the Dance For All People today incorporates singing and dancing in a circle around a central living tree, intention, and service. Few of us can claim this as our tradition, yet we come as welcomed guests, approaching with humility and respect for the ceremony and the elders.

“The songs were here long before our fathers and our great grandmothers. They say when you sing these songs it makes the grass grow, berries grow, water run. Someone may dream that something may be wrong. They know it, that bad stuff is coming to us and we better be dancing… sending it back, sending it back. That’s the way we dance it. It isn’t just a dance.”
(Emily Hill, Eastern Shoshone Elder.)

The Dance ground awaiting ceremony,
Indian Canyon, July 2013

Indian Canyon

In times past, historic Indian Canyon (outside Hollister, CA ) served as sanctuary for coastal native peoples, and now, serves as a place to celebrate Native American cultures and traditions. The Naraya community is blessed to be invited to dance at Indian Canyon, the only recognized California Indian Country in a 300 mile area on the California Central Coast.  We are grateful that Ann Marie Sayers has graciously opened this land to The Dance for All People.

"This ceremony is a dream come true for me. it really is, and I am so grateful, so very grateful.  To experience when the bundle was held up to the west and the flags started dancing-- the middle flag, and the two flags on either side of it were perfectly still--you knew Spirit connected.  And to watch the feathers swirl in the tree that was in the center, you knew Spirit connected with the Ancestral Spirits here in this canyon.  I'm living my dream, and I thank you for that, and I thank Clyde, and I thank everyone involved." (Ann Marie Sayers, Mutsun Ohlone Elder)


We give thanks for the relationship with Water this Dance nourishes in each of our lives each day.  At our site in Indian Canyon, we have no access to potable water, and we must bring in all that we will use.  Last summer, in the absence of flow in the ancestral waterfall, we saw evidence of drought, and having received less than usual annual rainfall again this year, we pray for rain to replenish the watersheds before summer.  As we do, we pray, too, for the renewal of our living kinship with Water. Every day leading up to the dance, each of us may explore what it means to be in that relationship in a good way.

How will we come into right relationship with water?


This dance is co-creation through service. Our Dance site has very little infrastructure, so everyone’s work helps to create a more comfortable space for our community. Everyone who attends is asked to step into service in some way, weaving together the particular threads of their service into something extraordinary and beautiful.

Service Leads Invited

For a few special service opportunities see the bottom of this email.


How will we come in service?
“Work is love made visible” - Kahlil Gibran

Dates: Thursday, July 3- Sunday, July 6, 2014

Please arrive between 2 pm and 5 pm on Thursday, July 3rd, and plan to be present until the ceremony’s completion on Sunday afternoon, July 6th.

  • Please come in time to be settled before Thursday's dinner (6 pm).
  • Everyone is encouraged to stay over until cleanup is complete on Monday.


The Naraya at Indian Canyon is very simple.  We will dance under the cool summer night sky and gather in the heat of the day beneath the oaks and sycamores to practice songs and be in community. Temperatures range up to 95° (avg. 80°) in the daytime, and as low as 50° at night. Everyone will be tent camping. The one building available for our use will house the kitchen.  Everyone will share meals lovingly cooked by the Kitchen Crew; and everyone is expected to share in preparation and washing up as service.
There is no running water; what we use for cooking, drinking, and washing we will bring in with us. There are no flush toilets; porta-potties will be supplied. There are no facilities for bathing; at least two camp showers will be set-up for urgent use, but dancers wishing to shower must supply their own water. Grave wildfire danger must be considered at all times, and smoking should be limited to designated areas. 

If you feel called to the Dance for All People, Santa Cruz Naraya,

Consider the following steps toward the Ceremony.  Truth be told, as you give attention to each of these, you are already Dancing. 

One: The Agreements

We ask that you consent willingly to these. They strengthen and support our time together. They demonstrate our respect of the various traditions of our ceremonial leaders and our host.

1. Participate fully from our first meal together Thursday evening until the ceremony is complete on Sunday.

2. Contribute our emotional, mental and physical energies to the ceremony to the best of our abilities.

3. Refrain from using alcohol, marijuana and any other recreational drugs from Thursday morning to ceremony’s end on Sunday.

4. Refrain from sexual activities that will dissipate our energies from our arrival on Thursday to ceremony’s end on Sunday.

5. Respect all people and items in the ceremony. 

6. Complete registration and payment before arrival at Indian Canyon.

Two: The Gate

All dancers must contact and have conversation with a gate-keeper before being invited to register for the Naraya. The purpose of this is to assist in clarifying your intention(s) for participating in the ceremony. Your gate-keeper will guide you in crafting an intention with which to pray in ceremony. They will attempt to answer any questions you have as well as discussing logistics to help guide your preparations.  Your gate-keeper will also assist you in discerning how you will step into service. 

In the Ceremonial Circle, the power and clarity of our intentions are multiplied a thousand-fold.

Ask yourself: "What calls me to this Ceremony?"
"What do I come with to the Dance?"
"What do I hope to bring away?"
"Moving with love in every step, what am I ready to step into, what will I leave behind?"

Please contact a gate-keeper of your choice soon, to schedule a conversation. Contact only one, and await their response, which should come promptly. First-time dancers, please contact one of the gate-keepers marked *.

Dancers of all ages and abilities are welcome; a parent /guardian of a minor-aged dancer should complete their own gate-keeping, then assist their child to contact the young ones' gate-keepers ±.  There is no separate gate for those (experienced dancers only) who are called to the Kitchen. Please conduct gate-keeping with one of those listed below and indicate that your intention for service is in the Kitchen. 


Austin            510-798-8170,

Birch*                     541-206-0285,

Faith*                        206-354-5634   (not available June 9-17),

Fulcrum*            831-471-589,

Kaley& Dawn ±            831-334-0065,    (gate-keepers for young dancers)

Malama*         530-864-2134   (not available  June 9-17),

Marissa            831-435-0973,

Mark                        510-866-1073,

Marla                        530-304-3309,           

Tracey            415-215-5473,

Three: Registration

Once you have framed your intentions for participation and service, and completed your gate-keeping, your gate-keeper will send you the link to on-line registration. If you need to register by mail, your gate-keeper will arrange for the form to be sent to you.  Please complete your registration promptly, and pay all fees before arriving for the dance.


Adult: sliding scale $250-350
Youth (10-17): $75-150
Children (under 10): free


There is no cost to participate in our ceremony.  The fee you are asked to pay covers the expenses of food, materials used in ceremony, and elder travel. A portion of fees is also gifted to Indian Canyon, and to the elders and leaders who facilitate the ceremony (to show our gratitude and acknowledgement for their hard work and sacrifice). We are grateful for the medicines that they share.

The Santa Cruz Naraya is one of seven in the US held under the auspices of the Naraya Cultural Preservation Council (NCPC), a public non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to preserving traditional Native-American ceremonies and knowledge, protecting sacred sites, and supporting the Inter-Mountain culture of the Great Basin Plateau.  NCPC has contributed financial support to the Santa Cruz Naraya and to Indian Canyon. Whether or not you dance with us, please consider a contribution to the NCPC. See

“Perhaps, in the inner fibers of your being, you have heard it: A calling to give thanks for the glory of this world’s abundance. A calling to release the beliefs that no longer serve you. A calling to share, without fear or shame, the gifts you carry in this world. A calling to stand with others, hand in hand, and pray under the vault of heaven. A calling to renew your life.  If these words speak to you, then, my Dear One, you have heard the call of the Naraya: A Dance for all People.”  (Rosette Royale, Sage, writer and radio personality.)


Greetings Naraya Folk! Our 3rd Santa Cruz Naraya is flowing and growing. We are reaching out early in hopes of filling our Team Leads positions. This is an extraordinary opportunity to engage with this beautiful work early and to practically support our Dance. We are in need of the following Leads.

Finance Lead

The main responsibility of the Finance Lead is to manage our budget for the Dance. Practically speaking, this entails utilizing a SC Naraya checking account (in your name) for all deposits and reimbursement checks. It also involves working closely with many of the other Leads, to account for their expenditures, as well as the Registrar, to account for all fees as they are received. Timeliness, a familiarity with spreadsheets and an ability to work with numbers are important skills. In the beginning, the person that steps into this position will be working with our current Co-Leads, Miriam & Free, to get up to speed with their process for handling our finances.

Kitchen Lead

The Kitchen Lead is responsible for providing wholesome meals and snacks for all of our Dancers. Their main tasks include: training and managing their team, setting up the kitchen, planning meals, grocery shopping, facilitating food preparation and meal clean-up, and break down/clean up of the kitchen area. The Kitchen Lead will also be responsible for managing the food budget, communicating in a timely fashion with our Finance Lead.

Facilities Lead

Indian Canyon is essentially without facilities: potable water, toilets, showers or lighting. The Facilities Lead is responsible for coordinating water and porta-potty. They will work closely with the Finance Team so that facilities costs can be factored into our budget in a timely way.

Clean-Up/Break-Down Lead

The main responsibility of the Clean-Up/Break-Down Lead is to ensure that the grounds are at least as clean and orderly as when we arrive. Although the majority of the clean-up/break-down tasks will be facilitated by the various Team Leads, they may ask for your help. In the wake of the Ceremony, there is always lots to do. You and your team may be called to help with: gathering tents, sleeping bags, etc. used for elder care, braking down the kitchen, tidying the arbor, packing vehicles, etc. This Lead will be able to survey the post-Dance scene, identify areas in need of clean-up/beak-down help, and activate their team to assist.

Download this call as a .pdf

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