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Check out this video!  Have you ever rocked out like this to find healing and handle stress from life?
Gifts for All!
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Everyone has amazing gifts to share!  We are helping more and more children discover and share their gifts!  The gift we are giving here is very practical and helpful for everyone!  Please enjoy the newsletter and click the link at the bottom to receive your gift and share it with your loved ones.  Please share with parents and children you know, and use it yourself :)

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Therapy Sessions
New students are being served with life changing music therapy and new partnerships to allow access to children in need. Love Learning Music is extending our empowering work!  The needs that we are seeing with children are more severe than they have ever been.  Let’s face it, growing up right now is hard!  Our response to these needs is multi-faceted. 
We have board-certified music therapists, specialized teachers, and passionate admin working hard to find funding and open doors to serve more children.  With every child we serve, there is another who is not getting the services they need to develop well.  Help us connect with the children who need us most by making connections to parents, teachers, administrators, and anyone who can use our help by clicking to our
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Music Lessons

Who was one person that changed your life growing up?  Maybe a teacher, a therapist or a mentor?  Think about the change they made in your life.  Now imagine kids right now missing that type of change because the people kids need can’t afford to work in the position they love.  Love Learning Music is helping by providing amazing mentors who teach adaptive music lessons through group classes and individual lessons.  To meet the needs of children, please refer children and parents to Love Learning Music, and anyone qualified to teach and mentor young people.  We are seeking more students and more professionals who can provide life-changing results for children.

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We all love learning right?  Love Learning Music has a free gift that is good for everyone!  It is an all-access subscription to Right Now Media, an educational and encouraging content creation company.  There are studies, podcasts, videos, lessons, children's shows, and more!  There are topics in leadership, healing, spiritual growth, marriage, parenting, and more!
The amazing thing with this free gift is the content is all helpful and positive!  Parents can let children explore the app and have no worries that they will stumble on something they shouldn’t see.  Let’s face it, the internet can be a dangerous place and everyone including children spend a lot of time on it.  This service has an app for mobile devices and a designated web page where everyone can enjoy the content, and download some resources for offline use!  Create your free account and check it out today!  A gift only works when it is received.  Please receive this gift and share it with people that you love!  Please use 
THIS LINK for yourself and copy and paste to share the link below with loved ones right now!
With all of these amazing events and services planned, we are always in need of more volunteers! If you or anyone you know would be interested in helping out in any of our events, please visit our website and apply to be a volunteer using the link below!
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Thank you to all of our supporters! We truly appreciate every one of you in our journey to improve the lives of others through love and education.
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