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Landbell Group Compass – News & Insights on Environmental and Chemical Compliance
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November 2021
Can’t see the wood for the trees?
Let’s be honest: extended producer responsibility (EPR) legislation is a maze! Or a forest where it's hard to get your bearings.

The laws and regulations differ from country to country. And they are changing constantly. Within the 27 countries of the European Union alone, there are around 80 different laws. About one law in three is revised each year, so keeping up is hard.

But surely we all agree that it's worth the effort. EPR is one of the smartest ways of managing our waste and resource problems. It does this by putting the responsibility into the hands of producers.

That’s why we have developed a service that allows you to monitor national EPR type obligations all over the world...

Welcome to our Knowledge Database, or the KDB as we like to call it. In this issue, we invite you to stop searching now and read here how the KDB can help you.

The KDB provides international coverage because more and more countries are following Europe’s EPR approach. One example is Kenya. 

This month, we focus on the journey that Kenya is undergoing to tackle its waste and resource problems – and we look at how the UK is taking an important step to stop plastic waste.

On the subject of woods… sadly, these are places where a lot of e-waste gets dumped. 

Our colleagues in Portugal and Poland are running consumer awareness campaigns to stop wildlife being destroyed by waste. ERP Poland has created a horror film to highlight this shocking problem!

While EPR gives producers responsibility, we also need to inform consumers about the correct disposal of WEEE. 

Only if the public and companies pull together can we put valuable resources back into the cycle and treat our waste accordingly.

Let`s close the loop together! 
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+ News from Landbell Group
+ Behind the Scenes
+ Events
Policy & Compliance Updates
Focus on… Kenya
Changes for producers as East African country is set to enforce EPR regulations.
Environmental compliance…
the latest developments
What are the latest developments concerning environmental legislation globally? We’ve picked out some highlights for you:
  • European Parliament Committees debate Batteries Regulation
  • New calculation method for recycled content in plastic products
Chemical compliance…
what’s happening?
What’s happening with regard to chemical regulations internationally? Here is an update we've prepared for you:
  • One year anniversary of the EU Chemicals Strategy
Circular economy...
worldwide changes
What changes worldwide could have the biggest impact on the circular economy? Read our selection for you here:
  • France to ban plastic packaging for fruit and vegetables
News from Landbell Group
Stop searching...
Landbell Group’s new online information service for EPR does the hard work for you!

After last year’s successful launch of the At-a-Glance, In-Depth and Customized regulatory tracking reports, Landbell Group has now released a new product: a web-based regulatory information service called the Knowledge Database (KDB).
Meet Sabrina, Konny and Nick at the E-Waste World Conference & Expo
Come and meet us at Stand 114 from 30 November to 1 December at the Exhibition Centre in Frankfurt, Germany.
James, Beth and Kevin ‘on the road’ in November
Awarding achievement and communicating changes is essential for safer chemicals.
Why consumer campaigns pay off for companies
Missed collection and recovery targets put added pressure on producers: the public need to play their part.
Don’t be afraid – be aware!
New movie highlights shocking problem of e-waste dumped in forests.
Behind the Scenes
Less than six months until new plastic packaging tax in UK
But ERP UK is ready to help companies be prepared for April 2022.
10 - 11
The Greener Manufacturing Europe Show
10 - 11
Plastic Free World Conference & Expo
30 NOV -
01 DEC
E-Waste World Conference & Expo