The cooperation between Landbell Group and ProductIP will make it easier for manufacturers to enter the market and to ensure long-term compliance.
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Landbell Group Compass – News & Insights on Environmental and Chemical Compliance
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November 2020
Partnership between Landbell Group and ProductIP
Nowadays, products must not only comply with legal regulations, guidelines and requirements, but they must also be properly disposed of and recycled at the end of their lifetime (extended producer responsibility).

Keeping up to date and knowing which rules have to be complied with in the face of increasing complexity poses ever greater challenges for distributors, importers and manufacturers.
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News from Landbell Group
Important milestone for HP Inc take-back program
The Circular Economy Engineering team at Landbell Group company, H2 Compliance, has reached a significant milestone by collecting and recycling more than 10,000 tonnes of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) across the EMEA region for the HP Inc B2B hardware take-back program.
Landbell Group at E-Waste World Conference 2020
On Thursday 19th November 2020, Landbell Group will speak at the E-Waste World Conference & Expo. This virtual summit is dedicated to all areas of WEEE and brings together globally renowned experts from manufacturers and suppliers, recyclers and waste management companies, science and academia, policymakers and NGOs, and research institutions and consultants.
compliance updates
Focus on… Jordan
For many years now, Jordan has experienced a huge increase in solid waste, with a daily increase of 350 tonnes in one state alone. This increase has limited the country’s ability to achieve its desired levels of waste management and control.
Germany will not pass on 'plastic tax' to companies
The German government has announced that it will not pass on the so-called plastics tax, which will apply from next year, to companies or consumers for the time being.
Environmental compliance…
the latest developments
What are the latest developments concerning environmental legislation globally? We’ve picked out some highlights for you.
Chemical compliance…
what’s happening?
What’s happening with regard to chemical regulations internationally? Here are some updates we've prepared for you.
Circular Economy
Circular economy…
worldwide changes
What changes worldwide could have the biggest impact on the circular economy? Read our selection for you here.
Behind the scenes
Start-ups and corporates: a good match
Probably everyone is familiar with Apple’s garage start-up history. What had been a crazy vision back then, is now one of the world’s most successful companies. Speaking in start-up terms, Apple was a pioneer: an innovative idea that society was not ready for yet. While start-ups are often good at spotting new trends and changes in consumer behaviour, it is the big companies that have the money and market share to make an impact.
ERP launches Green Alley Award in Ireland
At the end of September, ERP Ireland launched the 2020/21 Green Alley Award with the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment. The two organisations called on Irish start-ups to enter Europe’s first start-up awards scheme for the circular economy.
ERP Italy launches video campaign
ERP Italy is launching a video communication campaign for Italian producers of electronics and batteries that have compliance obligations. The campaign, which will run until the end of the year, will be on the company’s LinkedIn and Instagram accounts.
1 oct - 
30 nov
The Sustainable Packaging Summit 
ISWA Member Webinar: Hazardous Waste Shipment, Past, Current Status & Future Developments
FEAD Online Debate: What will the German Presidency deliver on Circular Economy?
How to create a national circular economy road map?
18 - 19
E-Waste World: Closing the Loop on the Global E-Waste Challenge
21 - 29
Online/ various locations
European Week for Waste Reduction 
Online/ berlin
International Hybrid Conference PFAS – Dealing with contaminants of emerging concern
30 nov -
3 dec
European Bioplastics Conference
Circular Economy Research & innovation: How can we scale impact for a green recovery?