What's happening in environmental and chemical compliance and EPR globally - plus the latest awareness raising activities 
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Landbell Group Compass – News & Insights on Environmental and Chemical Compliance
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OCTOber 2021
Welcome to COMPASS for October!
My children’s school collects hard-to-recycle items like crisp packets and toothpaste tubes. Until the scheme started, I am ashamed to admit… these items went into the bin.
Now, my children take these items to school - where they are collected and recycled by TerraCycle - and the school earns money for its gardening club!
Why am I telling you this? Because initiatives like this didn’t exist when Konny and I went to school in London and Frankfurt, but we are proud to watch the next generation of sorters and recyclers already in action!
Our companies around Europe have encouraged sustainable behaviour among young people for many years. This month, we hear how ERP in Denmark and Poland are nurturing young recyclers of e-waste and batteries!
But what about us, the adults? What are we doing in environmental and chemical compliance?
At Landbell Group, we track changes in the regulations so that we can best support our customers. This month, we have the latest news on the EU battery regulation, the Commission’s guidelines on EPR, and the SCIP database.
We don’t just support companies. We’re also proud to announce that we’re helping three Indian states to stop plastic waste: a huge project for a huge country.
In “Behind the Scenes”, we talk to Anne Lamp from the successful startup, traceless materials. One of the biggest e-commerce companies is now working with this young, innovative startup.

The next generation is already hot on our heels. They've got big plans for our future!
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Policy & Compliance Updates
Focus on… Croatia
New Waste Act makes it easier for producers to comply with EPR obligations.
Environmental compliance…
the latest developments
What are the latest developments concerning environmental legislation globally? We’ve picked out some highlights for you:
  • Rapporteur proposes over 200 amendments to the EU Battery Regulation
  • EPR guidelines delayed
  • German Packaging Act: first new changes in force
Chemical compliance…
what’s happening?
What’s happening with regard to chemical regulations internationally? Here are some updates we've prepared for you:
  • SCIP database on hazardous chemicals in products published by ECHA
  • Titanium dioxide: new classification & labelling requirements as of 1 October 2021
Circular economy...
worldwide changes
What changes worldwide could have the biggest impact on the circular economy? Read our selection for you here:
  • Where is the circular economy on corporate agendas?
  • Opinion divided on mandatory EU plastics packaging recycling target
News from Landbell Group
Huge project for huge country
Landbell Group to support reduction, reuse and recycling of plastics in India.

In consortium with BlackForest Solutions and local experts, Landbell Group will contribute to the elaboration and dissemination of innovative solutions for the reduction, reuse and recycling of plastic waste and plastic packaging in three Indian states: Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh.
800 attendees, one goal:
a plastic free world
Landbell Group to speak at biggest conference on reducing plastic waste.
Electrifying clothes:
Mode for Recycling!
Another fantastic finale for ERP Poland’s eye-catching environmental campaign.
Helping children to unlock
“The Avocado Mystery”
ERP Denmark supports children’s book on sustainable development goals.
Have you met Hermit Leer?
New campaign in Austria to raise awareness among consumers to properly dispose of waste portable batteries.
Behind the Scenes
"They give us opportunity;
we give them innovation."
Interview with Anne Lamp from traceless materials, this year’s Green Alley Award winner.
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