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Every once in a while, a testimonial for what we teach, comes around and just overflows my heart with gratitude. This Facebook post from a hospice volunteer who had attended a 4-hour Therapeutic Application of Lotion class says it all.
I didn’t realize when I learned touch awareness from Irene Smith that it would be priceless. Sitting tonight with someone I had spent time with every week for over a year, and seeing her immobile and actively dying, I realize that the small easy things that can be done to make the person more comfortable were not being done. Irene, I found those unsupported gaps, and gently rolled up small towels and placed them to support those body parts. I then taught her kids how to do this method. And as I said my goodbye, her hard breathing, that she had the whole time, went silent. Even though someone may seem unresponsive, their soul is always listening.

Thank you, Irene, for your teachings.
Everflowing teachings are basic. They remind us to be grounded, listen, stay alert for the places where the body looks stressed; Connect and Comfort. Comforting might be as with the story above, props to comfort and support the physical body. Comforting might also be eye contact for connection and intimacy and comforting might be comforting ourselves in the moment, so we are comfortable to be with.

These basic skills in listening and being totally present, as in the story above, may be, not only what the dying person needs, but also what the family needs to stay intimately involved during such a difficult time.

I am so grateful for this email being sent shortly after the volunteer had left the home of her patient. As with so many of you who pass through Everflowing courses, thank you for being out there and passing these skills on. You are carrying the torch!

Blessings and gratitude for all that you model and provide.
Susan Hefflefinger Providing a massage session for Debbie Zinn in the Everflowing December 5-day intensive
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December 5 day course clinical practice graduates from left to right Debbie Zinn, Susan Hefflefinger, Irene Smith, Jason Dillon
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