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Laser Tag: Lost City

Hunt, or be hunted

Laser Tag: Lost City

Maybe you're the lone survivor. But you hear movement, your heart is pounding. 

Welcome to Lost City. 

You wander the abandoned streets, no UVs, just snipers to avoid and a desolate space to survive in. That's right, Laser Lates is what we've all been waiting for since our 16th birthday. 

From derelict buildings and macabre graveyards down to trap doors, hidden tunnels, hide-outs and the reconstruction of an iconic London boozer, Lost City have taken to a unique, East London location for a nostalgic, games experience that you won't forget in a hurry. 

Ditching the marshal that is mum and bringing laser tag back to where it belongs - with the adults - you've got 20 minutes to shoot straight and get those trigger fingers at the ready.

Zap, zap... duck!

Laser Lates: Lost City takes place at a secret location in East London, across a selection of dates in both April and May. Tickets are £13 and include 20 minutes of laser tag.

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