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Still not using Collins Pay? Streamline your operations with a secure, quick, and modern way for your customers to make payments/deposits. Payments are taken directly from Collins and are logged against the booking for clarity. See it in action here and contact for further info.


 3D Secure Activated on Collins Pay  - Here at Collins we are committed to helping you avoid potential fraud and/or chargebacks, while keeping any customer burden to a minimum. That's why we have added 3D Secure as extra security to Collins Pay. This will only apply to payments £150+
What is 3D Secure?
3D Secure is a system that is used to verify a customer’s identity before an online purchase can be completed, if they have it activated on their card. With 3D Secure, customers are redirected to a page provided by their bank, where they are prompted to enter an additional password before their card can be charged.

Due to the customer possibly needing to answer a password, we are recommending that any payments £150+ should be taken by sending out the secure link over email, as opposed to manually over the phone. More Info Here.

If you have any questions or queries please email our Customer Success Team on or your account manager. Do not reply to this email.

Team Collins x