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Abra Kebabra

Meat, Music & Fireworks

Abra Kebabra - Pop-Up Event

Let's kick this off with a few undisputed, inalienable truths: 

  1. With every minute that passes, we are all collectively edging ever so slightly closer to the sweet release of death.
  2. Cheap tomato ketchup is always a bad choice.
  3. You don't eat enough kebabs.
We'd like to help you with number 3.

Combining five of London's 'top BBQ kings', a spacious warehouse setting, summer tunes and plenty of beer; Abra Kebabra is your one stop shop for all your guilty pleasures.

The event will take place at MC Motors in Dalston, where renowned East London meat wizards Lucky Chip, Mangal 1, Berber & Q, Smokehouse (Neil Rankin) and Chicks 'n' Sours (Carl Clarke) will all be fronting their delicious wares. They'll be joined by Camden Town Brewery at the bar, Lucky Chip Soundsystem on the decks and Ruby's on the hype; who will be mixing up their own specially created Turkish themed mojitos.

Or 'turkithos' if you like.

Your ticket includes a whopping 5 kebabs throughout the day/night (don't worry, they're slightly more modest portions than your average 3am doner), a Camden Town Beer and a complimentary turkitho to get things moving.

There'll even be a 30 minute firework display.

Because, well -  meat.

Abra Kebabra is taking place on 1st August between 3pm-11pm. Tickets are £25 and include food, plus a complimentary beer and cocktail.

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