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'Springtime Surprises'

At Simon Drake's House of Magic

Simon Drake's House of Magic


Well we say Hogwarts, but in reality it’s much, much cooler than that. (Henry and his gang of nerds can gryffinbore off for all we care). Simon Drake’s House of Magic is back for a Spring-inspired evening of food, exploration and of course, some killer magic.

Hosted from a secret and befittingly baroque mansion – which coincidentally, is Simon Drake’s actual home too – you’ll not only enjoy plenty of polished magic prowess, you’ll also get a hilarious tour of the estate’s Haunted Cellar, your fortune told in the elusive Whispering Chair, and be treated to a delicious two-course meal before you settle down for the grand show.

The main man himself has been wow-ing the crowds for the last 20 years from his gothic quarters, and treats his guests to a spectacular, magic filled finale to toast the evening. You'll laugh, you'll screech, and you'll be ahhh-ing till the cows come home.

Magnificent throughout, every inch of this Victorian themed wonder-hub is as enchanting as the host himself. With lashings of comedy, live music and performance, this little number is one of the most unique shows in town.

EXPECTO, some good times.

Simon Drake's House of Magic Presents 'Springtime Surprises' will take place on Saturday 29th March and Saturday 26th April. To read a review of his last event, click here. For more information and tickets, click here for March, or click here for April.

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