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Colonial Common

Whiskey, Street Food and Country Music


We all know there’s nothing better than free food, right?


Free food with free booze is wayyyy better. Silly.

As part of the London Design Festival, US design darlings, Teroforma, are hosting Colonial Common; an entirely complimentary American Whiskey and Bourbon Bar Experience.

Colonial Common launches tomorrow and runs until 23rd September from the Old Shoreditch Station bar. The pop up will host live bluegrass music and ‘experience driven events’ each day; which basically involve you trying out street food, cocktails, and copious amounts of whiskey. A tough gig by anyone’s standards.

With heavyweight partners on board like Beard to Tail, Joe’s Southern Kitchen, Anna Mae’s and The Yummy Yank, as well bartenders from some of the fanciest and best darn cocktail bars in town (Aqua at the Shard, The Lockhart, Milk and Honey, and The Social Eating House) it looks like it'll be a pretty tasty few days...

...and guess what - you’re all invited!

Jokes! You’re not all invited, that’s just not feasible. But we do have 10 pairs of tickets to give away, so it’s not all bad, eh? For your chance of winning a complimentary night of whiskey and bourbon tastings, cocktails, country music, and street food samples – just head on over to Facebook, like our page, and share the "Lightbulb" status.

Colonial Common is running from 14th-23rd September at The Old Shoreditch Station, 4pm-9pm.



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