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Pitch Black

Because everyone/thing looks better in the dark.

Pitch Black @ Loves Company

Lights on, or lights off?

A tough question at the best of times. 

But helpfully, the creative chaps at A Baker + Balfour Project have made the decision on our behalves.

And it's decidedly, lights off.

A new multi-sensory London experience where guests will sample five delicious libations in complete darkness, Pitch Black pushes the boundaries of ordinary tasting sessions, leaving their guests to solely rely on one sense, and one sense alone.

Before blinding darkness ensues, guests enter into a warmly-lit Shoreditch den to familiarise themselves with the space. From there, the server will bring out a selection of drinks over 90 minutes - ranging from bubbly and wines, to complex herbaceous cocktails - encouraging discussion and questions with the group as they go.

On top of the drink-by-drink explanations on the night, guests will leave the experience with taster cards on the drinks served, with recipes and methods on how to make them at home.



(Also, more good news; we've secured an exclusive 35% discount on all ticket times, for those purchasing for dates between today and Saturday 19th November. Get in quick though, the discount only applies to purchases made up until midnight on Saturday 12th November. Just enter 'PITCHBLACK48HRS' at the checkout to claim).


Pitch Black is running on various dates between now and 17th December 2016 at Loves Company in Shoreditch. Each session lasts for 90 minutes, and the ticket includes five drinks and an amuse bouche.

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