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A New York Speakeasy

Secrets, Pop Up Boozin' and Flappers

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Lock up yo’ beer, lock up yo’ spirits.

Forgive us for interrupting, but the Prohibition era is back. Word on the street is the Candlelight Club, a clandestine pop-up cocktail bar styled as an authentic NYC speakeasy, is hosting an event this Saturday from a super-secret London location - and we've just landed the last batch of tickets.

The night is all about remembering a time when ordinary citizens, just like you and me, turned into bad-ass criminals; evading the law for just a drop of the good stuff. The Candlelight Club celebrates an era of trapdoors, silent alarms, secret passages and retro-raucous party times.

To the juice joint, old sport!

All the guests dress in befitting 1920s get up, so think flapper dresses, gangsters and molls, corrupt politicians, and for god’s sake don’t forget your cigarette holder (if you smoke that is. If you don’t, maybe take it up for the evening? Optional). Entertainment on the night comes in the form of a prohibition dance-off from the Gatsby Boys v Gatsby Girls, live music from the Boomtown Swingalings and Auntie Maureen, and random dazzling Charleston performances from the hotsy-totsy roaming flapper girls.

Oh, and the venue is completely lit by candles too. So be careful with those feathers, okay?

Go go go.

"Once, during Prohibition, I was forced to live for days on nothing but food and water."

A New York Speakeasy is going down this Saturday 22nd March. Early-bird tickets are now sold out. We've exclusively got our hands on the last remaining tickets, which can be purchased here. The secret location will be sent to you after you've bought your ticket.

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