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Nude Noir Presents 'Temptation'

A tantalising night of performance and visual splendour

Rumble Part Deux

“By day she moves within the circles of high society with ease and grace, by night within the decadent splendour and sexually charged space of her own house, the house of correction that is house of Nude Noir. Madame Noir is the ultimate femme fatale, hostess par excellence, ruler of The House of Nude Noir”

Lose yourself to the whims of Madame Noir, the House of Nude Noir’s resident sass-Queen, for a sequence of events that follow a story resonating the Noir fantasy. Decadent, tantalising and sensual; Nude Noir is an immersive and theatrical event, influenced by the visual style of celebrated photographer, Helmut Newton. 

Sound saucy? Oh it is. But trashy it is not.

Far beyond the usual realms of burlesque, each guest at the exclusive House of Noir becomes an actor in the story, as much as they want to be. The dress code is a strict take on black tie; think high class masquerade and sharp black suits, adding further opulence to this truly grandiose night of titillation.

Erotic visual treats, drama and plenty of intensity, "Nude Noir Presents Temptation" is hosted from a lavish Kensington hotel and has established itself as one of the leading exclusive events in the London nightlife scene.

Tempted? Of course you are, cheeky.

Nude Noir Presents “Temptation” is running on Saturday 8th March. Guests first have to email Madame Noir to see if they're worthy of a ticket to the night, for more info click here. Take a look at our exclusive interview with the elusive Madame Noir, here.

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