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Immersive Cinema and Killing Bill

Simon Drake's House of Magic

Sword fighting, Japanese food, PVC outfits; being in the Kill Bill films must have been pre-tty fun.

And now, Black Mambas, is your chance to be part of it.

Kicking off in April, Press Play are screening a selection of cult-classics in an interactive cinema experience like no other. Starting with Tarantino’s action-packed thriller, Kill Bill Vol 1, every part of your experience – inclusive of all that you smell, touch and feel - will be themed around the movie. When the actors are scared, you’ll be scared. When they’re cold, you’ll be cold. When they feel surrounded, you'll feel surrounded etc. You get the gist.

Hoxton Arches will be transformed into a ‘Kill Bill Wonderland’ featuring 3D artwork and graffiti, a mood-setting soundtrack, sushi making lessons, and warm towels and saki on arrival. Konnichiwa, Billy!

Drinks on the night are provided by Press Play’s bespoke Pussy Wagon Bar and the raucous after-party will be hosted by some befitting special guests indeed. After a two year hiatus, the Audio Bullys are reuniting for a killer set, including their own remake of Kill Bill’s flagship song, ‘Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)’.

Please don't bring your own Hattori Hanzo swords.

Press Play's first screenings of Kill Bill Vol 1 are taking place on 3rd-6th April from Hoxton Arches. Tickets include entry and a complimentary drink, and are available here.

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