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A Smörgåsbord Of Festive Fun

Skandilicious -  A Swedish Christmas

Here are a few interesting facts about Sweden:

  1. As of 2004, Swedish employers have a duty to provide free massage services to their employees.
  2. The kids in Sweden have already gone trick or treating this year; on 'Maundy Thursday' (the week before Easter).
  3. Christmas in Sweden is awesome.

Whilst free massages and seemingly premature candy mugging might seem easier to digest, we’ll forgive you for perhaps not knowing the delicious yuletide traditions of our beautiful, Nordic neighbours. But luckily - and of scarily convenience for this newsletter - that’s where Swedish festive wonderland Skandilicious come in. 

Promising a unique pop-up experience in the heart of London, Skandilicous takes its guests on a culinary expedition through the country’s tastiest fare. Think smörgåsbord-central, as a team of chefs masterfully prepare authentic Swedish cuisine, all in a candle-lit, scandi-chic set-up.

Yep, ‘scandi-chic’. Just go with it.

Once you’re done stuffing your face with Sweden’s finest food, it’s onwards and upwards to the Loft Bar for a post-dinner boogie and booze, with cocktails from award winning mixologist, Fredrik Olsson. We're pretty sure expertly mixed cocktails are ingrained into Sweden's cultural heritage; after all, who are we to argue with tradition?

Now that that's cleared up, it's probably time to start wording that totally non-awkward email to your boss about free massages.

Skandilicious: Swedish Christmas Restaurant & Bar can be found at 119 Farringdon Road, EC1R 3DA. Running throughout November and December, the event is ideal for small or large groups, booking from lunch through to dinner. 

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