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Disco Distillation

Make Your Own Gin (On A Boat)

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What’s full of booze, floats on water and entrenches an everlasting impression of a thumping good night?

Huh, what? Who’s Michael Barrymore? No no, we’re talking about new canal kids on the block, Disco Distillation of course!

You guys are so dark.

Created by the fun-loving chaps behind Vestal Voyages, this buoyant adventure invites its guests aboard the good ship 'Disco Volante' (the world's first floating distillery), for a scenic tour of Grand Union Canal and two hours of cruising, boozing and er, distilling.  

Yep, not only will you spend your time taking in the sights and supping on deliciously-bespoke cocktails, you’ll also learn the age-old tricks of artisan distillation whilst you create your very own gin, and even get to take your bottle of personalised 'mother’s ruin' home to your actual mother at the end of the journey.

The boat can handle any type of weather, so come rain or shine Disco Distillation is available for private groups of 6-10, and as well as your bottle of recently distilled gin, the expedition also includes two free cocktails each.

Absolute gin win.

Disco Distillation is available from 1st September, running every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday for two hour cruises  from midday-10pm. Tickets are £30 per person.

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