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The Vaults World Cup Carnival

Football, Partying and Boozing

Simon Drake's House of Magic

It’s coming home, it’s coming home.


For better or worse, some of us won’t be able to get to the stadiums of Brazil for the World Cup festivities next month.

But in a helpful turn of events; the stadiums are coming to us.

Hosted from a secret world beneath Waterloo Station, The Vaults World Cup Carnival will screen 25 games of the tournament, featuring a 5 meter-wide screen with crisp HD projection, a giant sound system, as well as a wild post-match party for 400 revellers.

On every night, The Vaults will celebrate a different country’s culture, food and drink, and completely transform the space with colours, aromas, flags and Brazilian Carnival treats aplenty. Bring your game face too, as alongside the match-screenings, there’ll also be 2-a-side football, ping-pong and keepy-uppy tournaments.

Keepy-uppy tournaments? No pressure (lots of pressure).

Cheer on your side and party like your country depends on it. Special treats awarded to those dressed in team colours on the night; so don’t forget the face-paint, or any particularly patriotic pants you’ve been holding back until now...

12th June - 13th July at The Vaults, Leake Street, Waterloo, London SE1 7NN. VIP private balcony package available. Early bird tickets on sale now, limited amount only. Click here for more info and booking.

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