World Cup 2014

  We are really excited to introduce a game-changing new FREE feature...  

  The Smart Space Finder - Version 1  


This new free feature enables you to search across a date range and across multiple venues to see where/when you have space. You'll no longer have to scroll through the diary day by day to see when you have availability. 

Unable to accommodate an enquiry in one venue? Quickly search across multiple venues to find out where you can fit them in.


Want to know when a specific table, area or zone is next available? Enter the parameters and let the system do the work for you. From searching when the 'Garden' is free for a summer party in June, to when is the 'special window table' next available on a Friday night in December? The Smart Space Finder does it all!

Where you find it?

Look out for the 'Area Search' tab within an enquiry and click here for more details!

If you have any questions or queries please email our Customer Success Team on or your account manager. Do not reply to this email.

Team Collins x