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Art of Dining: The Colour Palate

From an oh-so-sexy red to a euphoric yellow, a sultry black to an envy-riddled green; colours are quite frankly, the monkey’s banana.

And we’re not the only ones to think so.

Pop-up geniuses and food-inspired memory makers, The Art of Dining, are back for another culinary adventure in the form of their most experimental foray yet, The Colour Palate. 

The Art of Dining is the brainchild of creative set designer Alice Hodge and Moro-trained chef Ellen Parr, whose next event aims to take guests on a sensory expedition through five-courses of colour-coded-creative-cuisine.

Try saying THAT five times in a row.

Home to only the most innovative and extraordinary of pop-ups, the event will take place at the elusive Carousel, where everything, literally everything, will change colour with each course. From the gorgeous cuisine to the room’s design, the lighting to the colour-appropriate music (provided by Radio One's DJ Gemma Cairney), nothing will stay as it seems. All designed to stimulate your senses like never before, every serving will induce a completely different ambience, as you surrender your taste, vision, hearing, touch and smell control to the whims of the Art of Dining collective.

The Colour Palate is running on various dates from Wednesday 20th August to Saturday 6th September. Some of which are already sold out. Your £50 ticket includes a five-course meal and a welcome drink.

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