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House of Holi

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There aren't many things in life more satisfying than pelting a friend, colleague or family member with a face full of paint.

And that's the truth.

So it's with great excitement we get to announce the return of the House of Holi this year, hosted from the Cinnamon Kitchen's purpose-built party pod. 

A traditional Indian festival observed by millions around the world, Holi celebrates the arrival of Spring, bringing with it colour, frolics and a healthy dashing of love. Any guests of the House of Holi will experience much of the same. After donning their protective white suit, they'll be given their ammo, before enjoying 30 minutes of unadulterated paint lashing with their nearest and dearest.

But what's an authentic Indian festival without the beautiful food? Depending on your ticket type and time slot, you'll also be able to sample the Cinnamon Kitchen's beautiful modern-Indian cuisine and cocktails. From full five-course feasts to canapé options, all the dishes and drinks have been created with the festival's signature vibrancy in mind.

Just don't hold back.

The House of Holi pop-up is running from 4th - 12th March at the Cinnamon Kitchen. Tickets are available for entry-only, canapés and cocktails, or the full five-court feast.

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