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The Escapologist

Who's For A Free Round?

The Escapologist

As you'd expect; 19th century London painted a completely different picture of the city we know and love today.

Gentlemen's favours were rife, scandal was abundant, and the political elite were rightly untrusted. But similarities aside, there were also plenty of differences, too. 

Namely, people were a lot more upfront about their wrongdoings. Like, say, the infamous 'Baron', who arrived in London in 1848, and quickly claimed the city for his own soon after. Operating from his central London hub, he was a confidant, a politically-powerful influencer, and moreover, he was top dog of the city's biggest players of the time.

He was The Escapologist.

And now - (and here's why we find ourselves writing to you today) - he has a bar named in his honour.

Opening in Covent Garden at the end of this month, The Escapologist combines all the elements of a Victorian Men's Club, with delicious sharing cocktails, authentic design, and not-so-traditional, cheese-drenched pizzas.

To celebrate its opening, we've struck a deal for a completely free round, for anyone booking via DMN in the first few weeks of opening. So all you have to do is buy your first round, and whatever you buy, they'll then match it with an identical round, completely on them.

Just don't ask us what we had to promise the Baron to strike that deal.

The Escapologist opens at the end of March, at 35 Earlham Street, Covent Garden. The free round offer is valid on all bookings via DMN, up to (and incl) April 14th. Click through for full details.

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