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The Studio

Karaoke, DJ Sets and Beautiful Cocktails

We don’t want to hurt your feelings, but we need to tell you the truth. Look around you; that chair you’re sitting on, those rows of desks you can see, that dreary, aesthetically-soul-destroying water cooler.

You’re living a god damn lie.

You were born to sing/DJ/sup on masterfully mixed cocktails, and you know it. But don't fret, because you're in luck. Just opened this week in the already elusive London Cocktail Club Oxford Circus, The Studio is a secret backroom, laden with sexy black booth seating, hanging microphone-styled lighting and its very own private glass 'recording studio'.

A collaboration with Ketel One Vodka and Skullcandy, the rules of this little den of debauchery are simple: buy your group's bottle of vodka on the way in (of which you can use to mix up your own drinks, or call on your own private mixologist to whip you up just about anything you want), then plan your perfect crowd pleasing takeover, whether it's a song or a DJ set, that you just know you have in you.

Then, it's time to enter the recording studio. But, you won't be totally alone. The Studio room isn't just for you and your friends, no no, you'll be playing to the crowd of course.

Love your own voice, hate everyone else's? Oh no problem; guests of the Studio can listen to as much or as little of their karaoke/DJ-counterparts as they like, just by pulling down their own individual Skullcandy headphones, which sit above every table. 

One shot, one opportunity.
COMPETITION: Land a table for you and your mates as well as a complimentary bottle of Ketel One Vodka (£150) on the night, just by sharing our Facebook post.

The Studio has just opened at London Cocktail Club Oxford Circus. The competition closes on Friday 13th June. Your bottle of vodka costs £150 and can also be held for you for up to 6 weeks, so you don't need to drink it all at once!

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