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The Tick Tack Club

London's For The Taking

The Tick Tack Club

The 1920s jazz era was a mixed bag, wasn't it?

You had the chic outposts on the starlit streets of Paris, the stylish hideaways of a prohibition-era New York, and of course, the debauched illicit hangouts of London, fuelled by liquor, gambling and criminality, tucked away out-of-sight and hidden behind dilapidated wallpaper shops.

...and it's just on that last example we find ourselves writing to you today.

Inspired by the real-life stories and characters of the BBC's recent hit series, Peaky Blinders, this clandestine pop-up den harks back to 1921; a time where infamous Birmingham gangster Billy Kimber had just upped sticks and moved to London. He made the move with one simple mission in mind; to partner with the equally as notorious McDonald brothers and take on the North London gangs for control of the exceedingly-profitable racecourse betting rights.

But like any self-respecting gangster worth his salt, Billy needed a place to wind down, a place to drink, and most importantly; a place to do business - and so, The Tick Tack Club was born.

Guests of this shady hangout can choose how they want to experience Billy's head quarters. They could start upstairs at the Art Deco themed club room, dancing to live jazz, sinking retro cocktails and tucking into decadent five-course feasts. They could try their luck behind one of the club's secret doors, one of which leads into a shady gambling den, where Billy himself can be found plotting his moves to take London for his own. Hell, they could get involved with a piano sing-a-long, devour some traditional pie and mash, or even persuade some of Billy's gang to hand over some cash to make some on-the-night bets.

Just don't forget your flat cap.

The Tick Tack Club opens on 29th January on Friday and Saturday nights until 4th June. The secret (Central London) location of the event will be revealed to ticket-holders prior to the event. 

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