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Kinema & Kocktails

Cult Classics, Cocktails and Cutesy Comfort

Burger Fest 2014

Ok, so it’s not quite what you think.

Cellar Door, formerly a public bathroom, is a hidden cabaret and cocktail bar located underneath the opulent One Aldwych Hotel. Every Sunday in March and April, they’re converting the space into London’s most intimate cinema, showcasing a host of film-favourites from years gone by.

Oh sweet toilet, how you've blossomed. 

The 25-seat strong cutesy cinema will present cult classics ranging from Casablanca to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Eraserhead to Breakfast at Tiffany’s, as well as an additional silent-short film each night, accompanied live by legendary London-based keyboard player, Pete Saunders.

But if you thought the night's offerings stopped there, you’re as wrong as that guy who said the world was going to end last year (it didn't, remember?). As well as lashings of free popcorn, the expert mixologists at Cellar Door will be creating bespoke, themed cocktails based on whichever film is playing on the night. Shotgun Some Like It Hot!

See you in the loo.

Kinema and Kocktails is hosted at the Cellar Door bar every Sunday throughout March and April 2014. Tickets include a free themed cocktail and complimentary popcorn. Tickets are available here.

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