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Voodoo Blues

Deep South Eating, Drinking & Partying

Simon Drake's House of Magic

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit!

'Cos the Deep South done just arrived in London town. 

Like the little wandering tyke he is, the renowned Wandering Chef has meandered on over to our fair city to host Voodoo Blues; an evening themed around the nightlife of Mississippi and New Orleans, live blues music, Creole-cum-Cajun cuisine, and the dark art of Voodoo.

And y’all are gonna just love it.

Featuring a whopping five-course feast – fronting Louisiana’s finest fare – the dishes are centered around home-cooked Deep South favourites, each with a sprinkling of mysterious Voodoo influences. Whilst you dine you’ll be treated to live dance acts and performances, as well as music from a four-piece New Orleans inspired band to really get you into the southern swing of things.

After you’ve done devouring ‘The Sacrifice’ (not one of the guests), sunk a Rebel Yell Bourbon cocktail, and shaken your tail-feather to the live band, it’s time to prepare your new, culturally engaged self for the after party to end all after-parties.

And where better to host a wild post-dinner shindig than a raucous club themed around that of a backstage rock ‘n’ roll after party? The infamous Roxx will open its doors to guests of Voodoo Blues for a night of dancing on tables, skull-filled cocktails and some serious party flair. 

See you at the bar, yokels.

Voodoo Blues is taking place at Roxx, 4 Winsley Street, London, W1W 8HF, on select dates in April and May. Tickets include a five-course meal, all entertainment and entry to the after-party. More info and tickets available here.

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