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The Five Star Burger London

Before we start, we should probably warn you that this event is only for very important people. So read on only if you have many leather-bound books and your apartment smells of rich mahogany.

Still with us?

Good; because your news team needs you. Harking back to 1970s San Diego, you’re invited to an Anchorman inspired bash promising themed cocktails, dance lessons and of course, some damn sharp suits.

Will Ferrell’s 2004 success wasn’t just a cult, quote-heavy classic. No no, it was a lifestyle, and more importantly, it was one hell of a party. With that in mind expect a retro night of debauchery, inappropriate behaviour and a dance-off to end all news team dance-offs.

Girls, don your finest neckerchiefs. And guys, don’t even think about getting your suit from the Toilet Store.

That’s all from us here at DesignMyNight News. Go f#ck yourself, London.

The Anchorman Party is taking place at Cecil's in London Bridge on 26th September 2014. Tickets are £12 and include a complimentary Anchorman-inspired cocktail.

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