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Shhh! Maman Le Mot

Résistancé eez (not) futile

Shhh! Maman Le Mot

Not to get this email off to a panicked start, but pressingly; your country needs you.

It's 1943, and the French Resistance are recruiting covert secret agents to join the battle in liberating France.

Don't fret though; they're not picky. They don't care if you're a failed army cadet, if you're scared of water, or if yur Frensch accent eez just terri-bleuugghh.

They'll take you all the same.

An operation organised from the brains behind last year's Tick Tack Club experience, Shhh! Maman Le Mot draws inspiration from classic comedies like 'Allo 'Allo and Dad's Army, taking its newly recruited agents on an interactive adventure through missions, moustaches and even the occasional exploding meringue. 

Sure, you'll sit down for an on-theme three course feast, but that doesn't mean you can let your character slip; this is war after all. Be sure to keep up your positively-Parisian demeanor to anyone you come across, or risk facing harsh interrogation from the roaming Gestapo infiltrators. 

It's not all secret assignments and evading capture though. Once the food is eaten and your missions nearly complete, you'll dance the night away in typical swing and blitz fashion, with boozy 1940s cocktails and wartime spirit by the beret-load.

Bonne chance, petits pois.

Shhh! Maman Le Mot takes place at a secret Central London location, which is revealed after purchasing your ticket. Both dinner and entrance-only tickets are available.

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