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The Drop Off

'In a city of 9 million you have 90 minutes to find one man...'

The Drop Off | Immersive Ensemble

A job's come in. It seems to be a standard missing persons case but there may be more to this than meets the eye. The client wants you and your team. No police involvement. 

Finding anyone in London can be a challenge.

Finding an illusive crook with a taste for lies, deception and trickery, is a whole other story. 

You'll be part of London's most innovative immersive experience yet, encompassing 9 million extras. The Drop Off will channel your inner Sherlock or Bond; follow the clues to track down one single man, at the request of a mysterious client.

You'll travel by rail, road and river, stopping off at a number of rendezvous points along the way, all the while interacting with actors in person, on the phone and through cleverly-created clues.

Ask the right questions in order to unravel the mystery and reveal the location of the man in question. Ask the wrong questions, and you could just end up with a dead end.

Throughout your 90-minute journey you'll charm waiters in return for info (and a drink or two), pursue leads at iconic London locations, and even finish off the experience with a high-octane speedboat escape on the Thames.

...happy hunting

'The Drop Off' by the Immersive Ensemble is available on select dates between 1st September and 2nd October 2016. The ticket price includes the experience, all travel during the show, drinks in various locations, a speedboat experience on the river, and exclusive drinks discounts post-show.

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