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London Cocktail Club Shoreditch

Meth, Bikers & Complimentary Cocktails

London Cocktail Club Shoreditch

Much like free cash machines and personal space; crystal meth can be an absolute nightmare to come by in East London.

Which is why we’re pretty excited about the opening of London Cocktail Club Shoreditch, and moreover, their aggressively blue ‘Heisenberg’ cocktail, complete with its very own bag of ‘meth’.

With a string of other forward thinking bars dotted around the capital, it was only a matter of time before the LCC crew set up award-winning-shop in Shoreditch. And boy should you be glad they did. Promising ‘biker hell’ inspired street art on the walls, leather jacket themed couches, and a mod/rocker mash-up of delights; this secretive little haunt serves up brass by the bucket load, with enough front to scare off the Hells Angels themselves.

Bringing a signature level of innovative mixology to East London, LCC Shoreditch champions individual style, good times, and quirky-as-hell drinks. And as if that wasn’t enough good news for one day; head over in November and purchase a 'Heisenberg' from the barkeep, flash the DesignMyNight App, and they’ll reward you with an extra one, for free. Even more good news: this offer is only available to you, our dedicated Lightbulb readers.

Though we should probably state for legal reasons it’s not actually meth.


The London Cocktail Club Shoreditch opened to the public last week and is located at 29 Sclater Street, E1 6HR. To claim your complimentary cocktail just make a free booking with us and flash our mobile app at the bar. Available for bookings in November, Mon-Thurs only.

*No it’s genuinely not. And you ought to seek some help.

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