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Secrets, Cocktails and Opium

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Simon Drake's House of Magic


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Taking everything into consideration - including that dastardly economic downturn - we’ve decided that our gift to you, our loyal readers, IS…


Huh, what? Oh goodness no; we’re not talking about a particularly potent drug popularised in the 19th century the world over, we’re actually talking about a complimentary round of cocktails at one of London’s coolest, tastiest and most secret bars.

(If you're still reading, congratulations! There's every chance you're not a drug addict. Good on you.)

Styled as an opulent Chinese opium den and spread over three befittingly oriental-themed floors, over the last year Opium has undoubtedly solidified itself as one of London's most forward-thinking and best bars. With only a solitary green door as a clue to its location, this 5* user-rated venue is situated in the buzzing heart of London’s Chinatown district, discretely plonked between two unassuming restaurants. No signs, no labels on the spirits, you’ll have a job finding it even with directions.

But who doesn’t like a challenge.

From classic concoctions to tipples in teapots, cocktails are king at Opium. Expect delicious dim sum and expertly mixed drinks, but perhaps reassuringly, no hallucinogenic drugs. Which is probably a good thing.


For DMN customers only: Opium will match your first round of cocktails, with a complimentary second round!

To claim the complimentary round, just make a free booking for drinks between May 12th - June 13th, here, then make sure to show our app at the bar (download it for free here).

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