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Ghostbusters Secret Party

Because You're Not Afraid Of Ghosts

Ghost Stories -

We kindly ask you to seriously consider the following scenario:

Imagine there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, there’s something weird, and it really doesn't look any good.

Who’s your first point of call? No literally, who the f*&k are you gonna call?

For shame if you don’t know the answer. For shame because actually, this Halloween, there is something weird going on, and there are a group of people who are no doubt up to no good.

You are those people.

Come 31st October, don your boiler suit and fasten your proton pack; the time has come to join the fight against unruly spirit activity. Yep that's right; you're joining the ranks of the Ghostbusters for a positively paranormal party featuring hallucinogenic happenings, frightfully funky tunes and a wildly creative set-up.
Hosted from a secret (and haunted) central London location, prepare for the slimiest evening of 2014, as you party well into the witching hour - just like Bill Murray would want you to.

Don’t get too excited mind; ectoplasm is a nightmare to get off your clothes*.

The Ghostbusters Party is taking over a secret central London location, 8pm-2am on 31st October. The full location will be revealed two days prior to the event.

*So we've heard.

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