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UFF Tea Summer Ball

Rain is Rubbish. Havana is Hot

So, let’s start with the bad news: apparently we’re to brace ourselves for two weeks of cold, windy rain.

However, there are TWO pieces of good news:

  1. You’re invited to a retro Havana inspired party, complete with live bands, delicious cocktails and a sunshine atmosphere that just won't quit.
  2. You look fabulous in wet weather gear.  

A one Mr Cecil Russell George Uff esq. will be hosting the UFF Tea Summer Ball every Saturday this Summer from Cecil’s, where he’ll entertain his distinguished guests in the courtyard of his art-deco residence, promising live Latino jazz, vintage Cuban vibes and a taste of the infamous 'Paris of the Caribbean'.

That's an actual thing, honest.

Think 1920/30’s Havana for the dress code; so panama hats, long socks, white linen and braces for the guys, and floral prints, ruffles and summer dresses for the girls. Swing along to the live full-piece band, or sink a couple of the delicious cocktails,  but whatever you do; just don’t look out of the window.

Rain. What rain?

The UFF Tea Summer Ball takes place every Saturday night this Summer at Cecil's in London Bridge, starting on 7th June. Advanced tickets are £15.

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