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'I Carried A Watermelon'

Dirty Dancing, Cocktails and Tight Trousers

Art of Dining: The Colour Palate

Over time, we humans have established the utmost importance of placing certain objects in exactly the right places.

For example. Things you can put in the corner:

  • House plants
  • Standing lamps
  • Old people
Things you must never put in the corner:
  • Baby

As hardened believers in the above, the quirksters over at Cecil’s in London Bridge are throwing a Dirty Dancing themed night for all the babies and Swayzes out there, bequeathed to the wrong generation. 

Leave your newfangled technology at home, Cecil’s are harking back to a better time where perfectly choreographed dance routines are the norm, wearing uncomfortably tight clothing is OK, and carrying large seeded-fruit into parties is just the done thing. You'll learn all the signature moves from the pro-dancers, and you'll also get a shot at victory in the event's official dance-off contest. So for god's sake don't hold back.

Now if only you could think of some sort of dance move/lift that could secure the win? 

'I Carried A Watermelon' is taking place at Cecil's in London Bridge on 29th August. Tickets are only £12 and include dance lessons and a complimentary cocktail.

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