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The Little Yellow Door

Staying In Just Got Cool

The Little Yellow Door

If we’ve learnt anything from The Young Ones, Friends, or even S Club 7’s finest feat, Miami 7; it’s that living with your mates can, most of the time, be pretty damn sweet.
But what if you could hang at the ultimate houseshare, minus the dirty plates and note-writing politics? What if we told you that a new, secret bar has just opened in Notting Hill Gate entirely based on a fictional flatshare between five completely unique friends, promising weekly partying, debauched dinners and incredible cocktails?
ALERT: that’s exactly what we’re telling you.
Bringing a wholly new meaning to ‘staying in is the new going out’, The Little Yellow Door is an eccentrically-styled retro living room featuring secret hideouts, menus written on the back of magazines, and quirky furnishings aplenty - brought to you by the chaps behind Roxx and Press Play. The drinks are all themed after the flatmates’ favourite TV shows, served in anything those mischievous little tykes can get their hands on (think anything from a blender to an eggcup). The bar opens from Thurs-Sat and good time vibes are a firm No.1 on the 'house rules' list, with a weekly dinner takeover from pop-up foodies The Wandering Chef every Friday.

'Regulars' will be entrusted with a key to the flat, and are invited to bring along their own bottle of booze (the more left-field the better), which will be added to the bizarre range of spirits behind the bar. Each time you return you'll receive a complimentary 'punch' made from aforementioned bizarre spirits, in your very own personalised mug.

There's no place like (this) home.

 Make a booking with us for any Thursday in November pre-9pm, flash our mobile app, and the bar will match your first drink with a second, for free! 

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